Looking for a template that features your content in a modern way? The music website template 'Tonic' is unique in that it doesn’t require a header image at the top of the page. It’s the perfect choice for a singer-songwriter, music teacher, or band looking for a modern twist on a stylish template.


  • Your template can be changed at any time without affecting your content. You can also switch back to your previous template (with all saved customizations) through the ‘My Themes’ tab of the Template chooser.
  • All of our templates are mobile responsive, so they scale to the size of the device used to view the site. All features work seamlessly on mobile as well.
  • To learn more about customization terms and options please view the ‘Template Customization Key’ Help article.


The Tonic website template offers four variations of the base template. These variations include a preset color palette and default fonts to get you started.

Elegant - this version features a sentence at the top, above the main menu.

Neutral - this version features lots of whitespace, simple header text, and a centered menu.

Playful - this version comes in pink, with large header text, and a centered menu.

Sombre - this version has a grey palette, emphasizes a large menu, and includes small text at the top.


The Tonic template features your site title in the header area, as well as a color that goes behind your text and menu.

To customize the header:

  • Adjust the site title background color
  • Change the header height (across all pages)
  • Choose the alignment of the site title content (vertical and horizontal positioning)


Adjust the size and font of your header to customize the Tonic template. You can choose a font, set the color, or upload a logo.

  • Site title font color customization: Yes
  • Site title font options:
    • Site title font
    • Style
    • Size
    • Letter spacing
    • Uppercase toggle
    • Logo/Title positioning: Left, Center, Right

Navigation Menu

The navigation menu is the area where your menu items are displayed. The page names are clickable buttons that direct visitors to the content on each of your pages.

  • Menu location: Under the title
  • Menu direction: Horizontal
  • Menu color customizations:
    • Font
    • Font hover color
    • Submenu background
    • Submenu font
    • Mobile font
    • Mobile background
  • Menu font options:
    • Menu font (custom upload option for Pro members)
    • Font style
    • Font size
    • Uppercase toggle
  • Menu item divider:
    • Forward slash, line, circles, squares, diamonds, triangles, none


  • Page content image options: Yes
  • Page content width adjustment: Yes
  • Page position: Left, center, or right


The content section of your website is where all of your images, text, and features live. This is where you add your music, blogs, events, and anything else you’d like to present to your visitors. Any changes made in this section affect all pages on your website.

The Tonic template allows for a full-width content area.

  • Content font options: (content, title, headings)
    • Font
    • Style
    • Size
    • Line height
    • Letter spacing (for titles only - not content or headings)
    • Uppercase toggle
    • Link style (for content font only - not titles and headings)**
  • Content colors: Use section styles for content font, button and background colors
  • Adjust content width: Yes - full width

Note: To customize colors, fonts, and accents within the content area, please use our Section Styles option.


Customize the buttons site-wide, including the ‘Sign up’ or buy buttons.

  • Button shape options: Rounded, Square, or Pill
  • Button style options: Outline or Solid

Site-wide music player

The Tonic website template features a site-wide music player that stays on the page and continues to play as visitors navigate your website. It sits in the bottom right of your website, and pops up when clicked.

  • Site-wide music player style: Bottom right of website, pops up when clicked
  • Site-wide music player color options: Yes
    • Background
    • Text

Site-wide My Sites

Links to external platforms can be added through the ‘My Sites’ feature. This option controls the position of the site-wide My Sites feature.

  • Site-wide MySites size option: Yes
  • Site-wide MySites color options: Yes
    • Button
    • Button hover
  • Site-wide MySites location: Under your header text above the menu
  • Site-wide MySites position options: Left, Center, Right