‘Smart Links’ is a feature that allows you to promote and sell your music, and provide direct links to the e-commerce tools on your website, streaming platforms, and/or link to your other social channels. The feature displays a promotional image, streamlined buttons, and eye-catching titles alongside a description that encourages fans and industry professionals to review your latest release.

This Help article includes the following:

  • Smart Links page
    • What is a ‘Smart Links page’?
    • How to create a ‘Smart Links page’
  • ‘Smart Links’ feature
    • How to add the ‘Smart Links’ feature to a page
    • ‘Smart links’ feature options

Smart Links page

What is a ‘Smart Links page’?

A ‘Smart Links’ page is a pre-designed page template that is pre-populated with the ‘Smart Links’ feature and two blank feature areas. The page is arranged in a 3-column layout, with the ‘Smart Links’ feature in the middle, for a streamlined look.

How to add a ‘Smart Links’ page

To add a ‘Smart Links’ page to your website, follow these steps:

  1. From the ‘Edit Content’ tab, click ‘Pages’
  2. Select ‘Add a page’
  3. Click ‘Smart links page templates’ to view the template choices
    • Smart Links: Promote your music with links to your releases on streaming platforms.
    • Link in bio: Highlight all of your essential links on one page in a grid layout.
  4. Name your page in the ‘Title’ field
  5. Adjust your page options, including the following:
    • Menu settings:
      • Main page: Will display a clickable button in your website’s navigation menu.
      • Subpage: Appears in a drop-down menu under a main page button. Note: If you add a subpage and the main page has zero features, the main menu button will not be clickable (only the subpage).
      • Not in menu: Will not appear in the main menu but you can link to it from other pages. All ‘Not in menu’ pages will appear at the bottom of the ‘Pages’ tab under the list of page titles that appear in your site’s menu.
    • Visibility:
      • Published: Page is viewable to the public.
      • Not Published: Page is not viewable to the public. Note: Although the page will not display in your site’s navigation menu, it can still appear in search engine results. Protect your unpublished page with a password to make the content inaccessible.
    • Landing page:
      • Toggle on: Applies the ‘Landing page’ style to your page (removes Header and Footer).
      • Toggle off: Removes the ‘Landing page’ style from your page. Header and Footer will be visible.
    • Show navigation menu:
      • Toggle on: Shows the navigation menu at the top or side of your website (depending on your template design).
      • Toggle off: Hides the navigation menu so it will not display on this page.
    • Display page’s section in menu: (Not available on an ‘Intro’ page)
      • Toggle on: All section titles for this page will display in your menu. Used mostly for one-page websites. If this is not a one-page website, all section titles will appear as drop-down subpages of the main menu item.
      • Toggle off: Will not display section titles as individual items in the navigation menu.
    • Access:
      • Everybody: Allows unrestricted public access to the page
      • Site members only: Requires visitors to register before accessing the page
      • Subscribers only: Provides exclusive content and music behind a subscription paywall
      • Anyone with a password: Requires visitors to enter a password before accessing the page
    • SEO options:
      • Automatically generated from your content
      • Custom: Manually add a page description and a page name
  6. Click ‘Create my page’

‘Smart Links’ feature

If you’d like to add ‘Smart Links’ to another page on your website, they can be added as a feature directly in the content of any of your other pages. This is a great option if you want to add a ‘Smart links’ feature on your Home page, on your Contact page, or within your fan subscription pages.

How to add the ‘Smart Links’ feature to a page:

  1. From the ‘Edit Content’ tab, click ‘Pages’ and open the page on which you’ll be working
  2. Click ‘Add feature’
  3. Choose the ‘Smart Links’ feature
  4. Use the placement arrows on that page to set the feature’s location
  5. Customize the options itemized below and click ‘Save’

‘Smart Links’ feature options

  • Smart Links page URL: The unique URL to your ‘Smart Links’ feature. Click on the link to copy it to your clipboard. This link will lead visitors to the page where your ‘Smart Links’ feature is posted.
  • Sell music: Choose an existing album to sell directly on your smartlink page by selecting an ‘Album’ or ‘Single’ from the dropdown. A streamlined button and title will appear for promoting your music. To learn how to add music to your website, visit the ‘Adding music’ Help article. Once you’ve selected an ‘Album’ or ‘Single’, choose from the following options:
    • Store title: defaults to ‘Official Store.’ Change the title to your liking
    • Store label: defaults to ‘Buy.’ Change the text that appears in the linked button
  • Promo info:
    • Add image: Upload an image that represents your promotion Use this image as the section background: toggle on to have the image display in the section background
    • Title: Add a title for your music promotion
    • Text: Add additional text to describe your promotion
  • Links: Add links to streaming and social platforms. Use the dropdown to select from one of the following services:
    • Custom
    • Tickets
    • Amazon
    • Apple Music
    • AudioMack
    • Bandcamp
    • Bandsintown
    • Beatport
    • CDBaby
    • Deezer
    • Facebook
    • Google Play
    • iTunes
    • Official.fm
    • Pandora
    • Soundcloud
    • Spotify
    • Ticketmaster
    • Tidal
    • Venmo
    • Vevo
    • Vimeo
    • YouTube Music
      • Once you’ve selected your service, complete the following options:
        • URL: paste in the direct URL for the content you are promoting on that service
        • Button text: Adjust the text that displays inside the linked button
        • Add Link: Save your settings for the link
      • Note: once you’ve added a link, you can add more by following the same process detailed above
  • Options:
    • Share Links: toggle on for a share link to appear at the bottom of your ‘Smart Links’ feature on your live site. The link reads “Share this”
    • Link to website: toggled on for a link to your website to appear at the bottom of your ‘Smart Links’ feature on your live site. The link reads “Visit website”

If you plan to use the Smart Links feature to share your song, see tips on how to do that here: How to share your new song using Smart Links on your website