An electronic press kit (EPK) is an important element of your website. It’s one page that summarizes all the other site pages. This makes it easy for media, presenters, and festival programmers to find information about you.

How to add an EPK page to your website:

  1. From the ‘Edit Content’ tab, click ‘Pages’ and select ‘Add a page’
  2. Under ‘Page Type’ click ‘Electronic Press Kit (EPK)’
  3. Name the page (Default: Press Kit)
  4. Select the additional page options of your choice
  5. Click ‘Create my page’

This will create your new press kit page. By default it will be set up with the features commonly found in an effective EPK. You can add or remove features at your discretion.


  • If you would like to reserve access to specific visitors, you may set a password on the page. The best practice, though, is to keep this EPK page accessible to all site visitors.
  • An EPK is a page on your website. It is not a downloadable file.

Best practice: Most people are cautious about opening downloadable files, especially when the email is from an unknown sender. Instead, send the EPK page link (URL) to your contact. This will allow them to view it at their convenience.