An electronic press kit (EPK) is an important element of your website. An EPK is a way to promote your music online. It’s used to provide your artist bio, songs, and details about your upcoming releases in an online format. Adding your EPK elements to one page on your website makes it easy for media, presenters, and festival programmers to find information about you.

This Help article includes:

  • How to add an ‘Electronic Press Kit (EPK)’ page to your website
  • How to populate your EPK features
    • Adding the ‘Quote’ feature
    • Adding the ‘Image and Text’ feature
    • Adding your Press Photos
    • Adding your Sample Video
    • Adding your ‘Custom Form’ feature for Inquiries

How to add an ‘Electronic Press Kit (EPK)’ page to your website:

  1. From the ‘Edit Content’ tab, click ‘Pages’ and select ‘Add a page’
  2. Under ‘Page Type’ click ‘Electronic Press Kit (EPK)’
  3. Name the page (Default: Press Kit)
  4. Select the additional page options of your choice
  5. Click ‘Create my page’

This will create your new press kit page. By default it will be set up with the features commonly found in an effective EPK.

Notes: You can add or remove features at your discretion! To learn how to add or remove features, check out our Content and Organization help article.

How to populate your ‘Electronic Press Kit (EPK)’ page

Adding a ‘Quote’

A quote from a trusted source like a music blog or reviewer will help your EPK appear professional

  • Click Add Quote
  • Add the quote text in the Quote field
  • Add the Author’s Name (optional)
  • Add the Source, which would be the publication’s name (optional)
  • Add the Source Link, the direct URL to the article your quote is featured in (optional)
  • Choose the Display Format — large, medium, or small

Adding the ‘Image and Text’ feature

Adding your artist bio and a professional press photo will let industry professionals learn a bit more about you. For tips on an awesome artist bio, check out our How to Write an Effective Musician Bio article.

  • Click Add an Image to open the feature options
  • Choose your Display Format
  • Add your Image from your image selector, or upload a new image
  • Add your band name in the Heading field
  • Add a brief description of your band in the Subheading field
  • Add your artist bio in the Description
  • Using the Button options, add a link to a stand out track, an external link to your social media profile, or a contact email address
  • In the Options section, choose to wrap the text, your image position, text position, and text alignment

Note: To learn more about the ‘Image and Text’ feature, head to our Image and Text feature help article.

Adding images to your Press Photos section

You’ll note this section has 3 columns, each with one ‘Image’ feature. Here, be sure to add high quality images of your band – live or posed – to this section

  • Click Add Image
  • Choose an image from your image selector or upload a new image
  • Use the editing tools to crop, link, or add SEO Alt text to your image


  • Learn more about the 'Image feature' here: Image Feature
  • With the ‘Link’ option, choose Download original image so professionals have easy access to your press photos

Adding a Sample Track to your EPK

Add your best track to make an impact.

  • Click Add your tracks
  • Add one or two tracks from your library, or upload a new one, to this ‘Compact Player’ feature

Notes: This section features the ‘Compact Player,’ which will display only the first track in the playlist, much like the site wide compact player. To learn more about music features, check out this help article: Adding Music

Add a Sample Video to your EPK

Whether it’s a live video, a music video, or an interview, adding a video to your page will help industry professionals to see what your band sounds like.

  • Click Add Video
  • Paste the direct URL to the Vimeo or Youtube video of your choice

Adding a Custom Form to the Inquiries section

With the ‘Custom Form’ feature you can add custom fields for your contacts to fill out. Adding targeted questions, like a multiple choice Industry field, or a Yes/No option for ‘Would you like a sample?’ is a great way to engage professionals right off the bat.

  • Click Add a Contact Form
  • Give your Form a title and click ‘Create new form’
  • Add or remove fields from your form
  • In the Form Options tab, create your personalized automatic response message


  • You can check your contact submissions in the Submissions tab
  • When adding more fields to your form, you can choose from the following options:
    • Email address
    • Name
    • Short Text
    • Big Text
    • Checkboxes
    • Multiple Choice
    • Date
  • View our Custom Form Feature Help article for more details: Custom Form Feature

Be sure to check out The 8 things that should be in every band's electronic press kit, and our EPK website design inspiration articles for more tips.

How to share your EPK

Sharing your EPK (Electronic Press Kit) is easy to do. Your EPK page will have a direct URL, including your domain name and the page name. For example:

Your EPK is a page on your website, and is not a downloadable file. Most people are cautious about opening downloadable files, especially from unknown senders. Instead, send the EPK page link (URL) to your contact. This will allow them to view it at their own convenience.


  • If you would like to reserve access to specific visitors, you may set a password on the page. The best practice, though, is to keep this EPK page accessible to all site visitors.
  • An EPK is a page on your website. It is not a downloadable file.
  • You can check your Reports tab to view the stats on page visits. Learn more about Using the Reports tab.

EPK examples

Looking for examples of a music EPK? Have a look at How to create a music EPK (with examples!) for some ideas.