A fan magnet landing page is a great way to use gated content to encourage mailing list sign-ups, by offering a free download in exchange for an email address.

This help article includes the following:

  • How to create a Fan Magnet Landing page
  • How to populate your offer headline
  • How to populate the Image feature
  • How to populate your Mailing List Signup Form feature

How to add a Fan Magnet landing page

The Fan Magnet landing page template is a pro feature. To add a Fan Magnet landing page to your website, follow these steps:

  1. From the ‘Edit Content’ tab, click ‘Pages’
  2. Select ‘Add a page’
  3. In the ‘Page types’ area, click on ‘Landing page templates’
  4. From the dropdown options, select ‘Fan Magnet’
  5. Name your page in the ‘Title’ field (defaults to ‘Fan Magnet’ if unchanged)
  6. Adjust your ‘Menu settings’
    • Note: If you’d like to use this page exclusively as a promotional link, select ‘Not in menu’ and it will not appear in your website’s main menu. You can still provide the page url to your fans.
  7. Adjust your ‘Page options.’ To learn more about ‘Page options,’ please read the ‘Adding Pages’ help article.
  8. Click "Create My Page"

How to populate your offer headline

The headline on this page is a great place to add text that describes a reason to join your mailing list.

  1. On your Fan Magnet landing page, click on the text that reads 'Add your offer headline here.'
  2. Type out your desired headline. It should describe what you are offering.
  3. Click 'Save'

How to populate the 'Mailing List Signup Form' feature

The Bandzoogle 'Mailing List Signup Form' feature is a form for collecting email addresses. In the Fan Magnet page template, it sits under your offer headline, and can be used to encourage people to sign up to your mailing list in exchange for gated content.

These addresses are added to your Members list in your Mailing List tab and can be targeted with email campaigns. They will be sent a free download after signing up and confirming their subscription by clicking on the link in the follow-up verification email.

To set up your Mailing List Signup Form and attach a free download for subscribers, follow these steps:

  1. On your 'Fan Magnet' landing page, click the 'Mailing List Signup Form' feature.
  2. In the ‘Signup options’ area, use the toggle to enable the following settings:
    • Automatically add new members to a group: Toggle on if you want those signing up to the mailing list signup form on this page to be added to a specific group.
      • If toggled on, select the group from the dropdown or click ‘New group’ to add a new group.
    • Give a free download on signup: Enable this option to add your track, album or file. This is the gated content you will use to encourage signups and build your list.
      • Allows you to provide any track, album, or file download already uploaded through to your website.
  3. In the 'Dispay Options' area, adjust the following:
    • Title: Add a short title that invites fans to sign up for your mailing list in exchange for a free download.
    • Description: Add a description with some details on the free download they'll be receiving after subscribing.

How to populate the Image feature

Use the 'Image' feature on this page to represent the free download new mailing list sugnups will receive. This could be a new track, album artwork, a photo of you recording or performing, an exclusive beat, etc.

To populate your 'Image' feature, follow these steps:

  1. On your ‘Fan Magnet Landing page,’ click on the ‘Image’ feature in the left column
  2. In the feature options, choose ‘My Uploads’, ‘Stock Imagery’, or ‘Dropbox’
    • My Uploads: In the ‘My Uploads’ area, you’ll see your previously uploaded image and a prompt to ‘Upload images’. Click ‘Upload images’ to upload a new image.
      • Once you’ve selected the image, click ‘Open’ in your browser. The image will be added to your ‘Image’ feature library.
    • Stock Imagery: Click on a stock image, then click ‘Apply Image’ for it to appear in your ‘Image’ feature.
    • Dropbox: To choose images from your Dropbox files:
      • Click ‘Dropbox’ and log in to your Dropbox account
      • Select an image from within your Dropbox account. When selected the image will be added to your ‘Image’ feature library.
  3. Click on the uploaded or stock image
  4. Click ‘Apply Image’
  5. Select your image options:
    • Replace Image: Select a different image
    • Crop Image: Choose a custom zoom or a preset crop size. Click ‘Apply’ to save the change
    • Alignment: Click the left, center, or right icon to adjust the image alignment within the available column space
    • Rotate: Click the left or right rotation icon
    • Link: In the drop-down menu, select from the following link types
      • An external page: Directs the visitor to a page that is not on your website.
        • Enter the URL for the external site to which you want visitors directed
        • Check the ‘Open in new window’ option so visitors will keep your website tab open while they visit the external page
      • One of my pages: Directs the visitor to a page on your website.
        • Select the site page from the drop-down list of pages
      • A file: Downloads a file to your visitor’s computer.
        • Upload the file from your computer or import it from your Dropbox account
        • Choose an existing file (Select this option for a file already uploaded to your account. Files are stored in the File manager.)
      • An email address: Opens the visitor’s default email program so they can send an email to the specified address.

        Note: If the visitor is using an online email program such as Gmail or Yahoo, this link will not work. It is advised to avoid this linking option, and instead to use the Custom Form feature.

        • A pop-up version of this image: Opens the image in a pop-up window overtop of the page.
        • Download original image: When clicked the image will automatically be downloaded to the visitor’s computer.
        • Album: Directs the visitor to the specified album page.
          • Select the desired album from the drop-down menu
        • Track: Directs the visitor to one of your audio tracks.
          • Select the desired track from the drop-down menu
      • Image Filter: Choose a filter for your image and click ‘Apply’
      • SEO: Enter ‘Alt text’, click ‘Apply’

        Note: This allows search engines to index images based on content. Also, the text would appear inside the image container if the image cannot be displayed. Descriptive alternate text is very helpful for people with visual impairment.

      • Reset Image: Clears all image options previously selected.

  6. To save changes, click anywhere in the content area outside of the image feature.