Getting started with Bandzoogle

Signed up for a trial with Bandzoogle, but not sure what to do next? We can help.

Step 1: Watch this intro video

This short 2-minute video will walk you through a basic primer on using Bandzoogle. It's a good place to start.

Feeling amped?

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Step 2: Download our free eBook

Want a little more nitty-gritty? We've got you covered.

Our free eBook will get you introduced to Bandzoogle with a simple step-by-step guide, and practical advice on what content you should have on your site.

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Building your website: A step-by-step guide for bands and musicians

Step 4: Watch this "how-to" webinar

Don't like reading? We get that.

In this video Allison and Desi from the Bandzoogle Support Team walk you through everything you need to know to build a great website from scratch.

Step 5: Ask the Bandzoogle community

Sometimes the best people to ask for help are other music professionals working on the same things.

So, got a question?

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Step 6: Ask us!

We know a thing or two about music websites, and we're on your team. Let us help! Reach us day and night by live chat and email.

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Step 7: Select a plan

Here's a run-down of what's included in Bandzoogle plans, and how much it will cost you.

All website plans come with:

Friendly unlimited support
Free domain name
Premium hosting
Unlimited bandwidth
100s of mobile-ready themes
Blog, music player, and more


$ 12 .46 /mo
Billed annually, or $14.95/month
For bands growing a fan base

Launch a stunning website with room to grow. Promote your band. Sell music downloads and merch commission-free.


$ 8 .29 /mo
Billed annually, or $9.95/month
For bands starting out

Launch a simple, stunning website. Promote your band. Sell music downloads commission-free.

All plans include free support, free themes, ecommerce, premium cloud hosting, sitewide music players, and much more.

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