Detailed fan data

Interactive reports help identify which visitors are your best fans.

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Website traffic report screens

Interactive reports

See all your visitors at a glance or dig in for more detail. See a bump in traffic? Click on that day to bring up a full breakdown of where those fans came from, and what they did on your site.

Bar chart showing a website's traffic over time

Location view

All fan activity is displayed on an interactive map, including purchases, music plays, and mailing list signups. This extra detail can help you find your best fans when you plan your next tour.

Visitor location heatmap for a website

Detailed music data

More than just "plays", we show you a full breakdown of which tracks get played, which get skipped, and which were downloaded. You can even show this data on a map, to find out if a track is more popular in certain areas.

Bar chart showing music plays over time
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