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An electronic press kit is essential for every artist. Build an EPK that stands out, using templates and custom tools for musicians.

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Artist EPK example on tablet and phone

Artist in photo: Flara K // member since 2018

Tell your band story with an EPK

A professional press kit helps you catch the attention of busy industry reps. Get more gig bookings, press, and playlist placements with an EPK that puts your best foot forward and shows that your talent is ready for the stage.

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Artist in photo: TAVISH // member since 2011

Example of an online band EPK

Look professional with free EPK templates

Start your electronic press kit from scratch with templates designed to help you effortlessly look as good as you sound.

Stand out with a custom press kit

Make your EPK as unique as your music with our no-code visual design editor. Easily drop in your text and media content, and rearrange it to create a stylish press kit you can proudly share.

Showcase your music and content

Make a visually stunning EPK that puts the spotlight on your best work with features to show off your music, press images, album art, videos and everything else that makes you exceptional.

Musician electronic press kit example

Build an EPK in minutes with Onesheet layouts

Set up a music Onesheet on the fly with preset content layouts for any kind of industry promotion.

Booking and advancing shows

Showcase your live performance experience for talent buyers, and provide info to venues.

Promoting to press and media

Tell the story of your album release when contacting journalists, playlisters or radio promoters.

Pitching to industry pros

Highlight your music and accomplishments when reaching out to labels, management and publishers.

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Preset electronic press kit example

Everything you need to build a stunning electronic press kit

Flexible built-in features let you easily drop any kind of content anywhere on your press kit.

Music player

Let industry reps listen to your music on your EPK singles, albums or playlists.


Add single images anywhere on your EPK, or display them as a gallery or slideshow

Contact form

Provide a custom form on your press kit for industry pros to reach you directly by email.

Text bio

Write any kind of long-form text on your press kit, such as your band bio.

Press quotes

Highlight testimonials in large text, or use a built-in GigSalad reviews integration.

Embedded videos

Easily embed YouTube or Vimeo videos anywhere on your EPK.

Gig calendar

Show off your touring schedule with a calendar, or add a built-in Bandsintown integration.

Social media links

Add your essential social and streaming links with easy icon presets.

Download links

Upload files—like MP3s, high-res images or riders—for reps to access easily on your EPK.

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Share your EPK with industry pros

Bandzoogle EPKs are hosted online with a shareable URL or custom domain you can send to your contacts. Choose whether to protect your EPK with a password or not. When you need to send a PDF version, download your Onesheet EPK as a file in one click.

Examples of how to share an EPK

Start with a Onesheet, grow to a website

Bandzoogle offers flexible plans for musicians that let you start with a simple, stunning custom Onesheet EPK. When you want to expand to a full website or create multiple EPK versions, you can upgrade without losing your custom designs and settings.

Example of an online Onesheet

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“Bandzoogle's preset EPK page option, as well as features for quotes and hi-res image downloads, makes my press page easy to maintain. And it looks great.”

Duane Eubanks // member since 2014

Examples of how to share an EPK

How to build an artist EPK in 10 easy steps

Here’s how to build your own electronic press kit for your band.

  1. Sign up for a free Bandzoogle EPK trial.
  2. Select a preset layout that fits your needs.
  3. Choose a pre-designed EPK theme.
  4. Customize your design, colors, and fonts.
  5. Add your music, content, and media.
  6. Write and include your band bio.
  7. Set up a tour calendar to list your shows.
  8. Configure your contact form.
  9. Add links to your social media profiles.
  10. Start sharing your press kit!

EPKs made for musicians

Bandzoogle is dedicated to empowering musicians of all kinds to promote their music with effective EPKs.

For DJs

Showcase your DJ brand and live performances to land more clients and book more gigs.

For music producers

Create an online music portfolio that highlights your vision, production skills and vibe.

For singer-songwriters

Put a spotlight on your songs and artist brand with a stunning singer portfolio.

For rappers

Stand out and look professional when contacting bookers, curators and radio stations.

Examples of EPKs of different genres

The all-in-one website platform for musicians

Bandzoogle’s all-in-one plans include everything you need to build a complete website for your music with stunning templates, easy custom design tools, and features to promote and sell your music online.

Examples of how to share an EPK

Award-winning web experts on your team

Our friendly and knowledgeable support team is online day and night by live chat and email. We are musicians and web design wizards who are dedicated to helping you build the most effective website for your music.

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Frequently asked questions

What does EPK stand for?

EPK stands for “electronic press kit.” In the past, a press kit was typically a package of materials—such as photos, a bio and a CD—that a band would prepare in physical print form to distribute to music industry professionals. An EPK is an electronic version of this kind of press kit.

What is an EPK in the music industry?

An EPK is a Onesheet page, website or digital file used by musicians to promote their music. Similar to a portfolio or resume, it allows musicians to provide their essential information to industry professionals—music bookers, venues, journalists, bloggers, playlist curators, labels, managers, radio programmers and more—in one convenient package.

What does an EPK look like?

An EPK visually represents a musician’s music, branding and general vibe as a single-page Onesheet, a multi-page website or a PDF file. Depending on what material the band has available, an EPK might show band logos, a music player, images, embedded videos, and various sections of text.

How do I make an EPK for music?

The best way to make an EPK is to use a platform like Bandzoogle that lets you easily design an EPK and host it online as a web page—that way you only need to provide a URL when sharing your EPK with industry professionals. In some cases you may be asked to provide an EPK file, so it’s a good idea to use a platform that lets you create a downloadable PDF version as well.

What should an EPK include?

Your EPK should include a sampling of your best work. Most band EPKs include music (in a music player), a short artist bio, professional photos and album art, embedded high-quality music videos, a summary of recent achievements and reviews, social and streaming links, and contact information. You may want to include other specific content depending on who you’re sending it to and why—and also depending on what content you have available.

How do I send an EPK?

When sending an EPK to industry professionals, the most important thing to do is to make it easy and convenient for them to access it. Check whether your contact has specified a format or process they prefer. If you are sending an email, sharing a URL to a page where your EPK is hosted online is often the most effective format. If your contact prefers that you upload a file, then it’s often best to provide your EPK as a PDF file.

Is an EPK the same as a website?

Sometimes, yes; there are many options you can choose from. In some cases a website and an EPK can be one and the same—some musicians choose to create a full website to use as their EPK. Many create a dedicated Onesheet EPK web page, which can either be a standalone page hosted online or a page within their larger website. Other times, musicians prefer to have an EPK in offline PDF format.

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