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Build your own subscription business

Start earning a monthly income from your music career by giving exclusive rewards to fans who subscribe to your website. It’s your own space to engage more deeply with your biggest fans. Offer the content you want, and charge what you want.

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Pay 0% commission on fan subscriptions

You keep 100% of your subscription sales, and fans pay you directly. We don't take a cut.

Set up a subscription service in minutes

Create subscription tiers and a paywall right on your website using an easy visual editor, and add exclusive content pages that only subscribers can see. Your subscription pages automatically match the design of the rest of your website.

Add subscriber rewards to your website

Easily add any kind of content to subscriber pages on your website such as a blog feed, music player, videos, or a merch store. You get complete flexibility to control which content each subscriber tier can access.

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Everything you need to sell fan subscriptions

Custom paywall page

Give your subscription service a personal intro with a teaser video and text description.

Payment integrations

Connect Stripe or PayPal to accept subscription payments right on your website.

Direct payments

All subscriber payments go directly into your Stripe or PayPal account instantly, commission-free.

Flexible tier pricing

Set custom pricing for each tier of your subscription service, or let fans pay what they can.

Unlimited tiers

Set up just one subscription tier, or as many as you want to offer.

Unlimited subscribers

Launch your service with room to grow your subscriber list as much as you need.

Email newsletters

Reach your subscribers directly with built-in custom newsletter tools.

Promotional tools

Get more subscriber signups with call-to-action buttons, social media integrations, and more.

Fan data

Access detailed reports with stats on your subscribers and sales.

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Get creative with your own subscriber reward tiers

Bandzoogle members offer exclusive content, music lessons, behind-the-scenes access, and more to subscribers on their websites.

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Join over 60,000 musicians who use Bandzoogle for their home on the web

“Bandzoogle’s subscription service offers the best of all worlds. It enables us to create an online community within our existing website, along with a sustainable way to fund and share musical projects.”

Jont // member since 2014

Award-winning web experts on your team

Our friendly and knowledgeable support team is online day and night by live chat and email. We are musicians and web design wizards who are dedicated to helping you build the most effective website for your music.

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