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Website to sell band merch online

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Build your band merch store in minutes

Create a custom website with built-in features for selling merch to your fans wherever they are. The visual editor makes designing your website and merch store easy. Just add your products and start making merch sales online.

Pay 0% commission on your merch sales

Selling online made easier for musicians

Sell merch to your fans creatively with ecommerce tools made for bands. Offer products, services, or digital files. Bundle physical music formats with downloads. Your Bandzoogle website is a complete merch selling platform.

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Detailed merch sales reports

View merch sales and transaction reports right from your Bandzoogle account. Keep track of your pending and shipped orders. Use the data to find out who your biggest fans are and what they're buying.

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Website merch sales report

Everything you need to sell band merch online

Payment integrations

Connect Stripe or PayPal to accept credit card, debit card and PayPal payments.

Shipping integrations

Connect your store to EasyPost for advanced shipping tools and access to 100+ carriers.

Custom shipping rates

Set your own flat rate shipping, or use your shipping rate settings from PayPal or Easypost.

Discount codes

Create custom discount codes for flash sales or as incentives for fans to join your mailing list.

Product bundling

Sell physical and digital products together in bundles to boost your sales.

Sale pricing

Mark any product as 'on sale' with a percentage or fixed amount off the regular price.

Printable packing slips

Print detailed packing slips that are automatically generated for each order.

Inventory tracking

Know when to restock - sold-out products automatically appear as 'out of stock' in your store.

Product variations

Add variations to your products, like size or color, for customers to choose from.

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Over 50,000 musicians trust Bandzoogle for their home on the web

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“Bandzoogle is the perfect tool for selling merch, music, tickets, advertising shows and connecting all of our other social media sites.”

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“Bandzoogle has made website management so easy and accessible. I can easily update my tour dates and blog from the road, and manage everything from newsletters to store purchases.”

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“My favorite thing about Bandzoogle is how easy it is to sell music and merch, physically and digitally, with built-in tracking and shipping labels - for no extra cost!”

Artist in photo: The Redhill Valleys // member since 2014

How to sell music online in 10 easy steps

Here’s how to build your own website to sell your music online.

  1. Sign up for a free Bandzoogle trial.
  2. Choose a mobile-friendly website template.
  3. Customize the design, colors, and fonts.
  4. Build your page layouts.
  5. Add a built-in store feature.
  6. Enter your merch products and descriptions.
  7. Set your pricing for products.
  8. Set up your shipping options and prices.
  9. Connect Stripe or PayPal to take payments.
  10. Launch your website and merch store!

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