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Rally a community behind your next project

Raise funds directly from fans to bring your album, video, or other music project to life. Give fans a unique way to financially support your creative vision and share your journey.

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Pay 0% commission on fan pledges

You keep 100% of all crowdfunding pledges you receive, and fans pay you directly. We don’t take a cut or hold any funds.

Launch a crowdfunding campaign in minutes

Easily set up a crowdfunding page on your band website with a preset template that automatically matches the design of the rest of your site. Add your introduction video, project description, and reward tiers.

Keep backers engaged with your project

Build momentum for your project with promotional tools to engage your fans. Keep campaign backers updated on your progress with built-in mailing list, blogging, and social sharing tools.

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Everything you need to launch a crowdfunding campaign

Direct payments

All pledges are instantly placed directly into your account. We don't hold any funds.

Flexible funding

Keep all of your funds even if you don’t reach your campaign goal or deadline.

Payment integrations

Connect Stripe or PayPal to accept pledges by credit card, debit, and PayPal.

Album pre-order

Give your fans the option of purchasing your album as a download before it’s released.

SoundScan reporting

Music sales from your campaign are automatically reported to Nielsen SoundScan.

Flexible tier pricing

Set your own custom pricing for each reward tier, or let fans pay what they can.

Accept donations

Let fans donate any amount they want to support your project with a custom branded virtual tip jar.

Email newsletters

Reach campaign supporters directly with built-in custom newsletter tools.

Inventory tracking

Limit the availability of each reward tier to create exclusivity and avoid overselling.

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Lynne Hanson
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