How to Build a Record Label Website

How To Build a Website for your Record Label

Whether you’re an established label, or you’ve just signed your first band, your website is a vital part of your marketing strategy. Your website is your hub online where fans, industry, and media can discover and quickly connect with your artists.

So here are some tips to help you build and organize an effective website for your record label!

Key Elements for a Record Label Website


Your homepage should be fairly simple. Use hi-res photos of your artists in a static or slideshow header so your visitors will know they’ve come to the right place.

Next, use a call-to-action to bring attention to the most important thing you’d like to highlight. This could be an upcoming event, a new video, or recent album release for one of your artists.

Then add a Blog feature with text and images to showcase your recent news in an eye-catching way. Update this regularly to make fans return to see what's new! For even more up to the minute news, use a Twitter feed on one side of the page.

And be sure to place a mailing list signup form right on the Homepage. Offer an incentive like a free download of an exclusive song to encourage visitors to sign up! That way you can follow-up by email with your latest label news, new album releases and upcoming tour dates for your artists.

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Sargent House Record Label website

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Who are you? Why did you start a label? Are you a musician yourself? Or just a total music geek? How did you discover the bands on the label? What inspired you to sign them? Use the About page to tell the story of why and how your record label was created.

You should also make it easy for industry and media to contact you. Include some kind of call-to-action at the bottom of the page, which can be a contact form, or even just your email address.

Want to make it more visually appealing? Add an Instagram gallery to the About page to seamlessly add a nice visual element that will automatically update with new images.


One of the most visited pages on your label's website will be the Artists page. Make sure it represents your label well by creating an organized page with easy to find information on all of your artists.

One option is to add images in a 3-column layout, and link each image to a subpage with more information about that artist.

WorldHaus Record label website

On those subpages, add a short bio, some hi-res images, a few of their latest and greatest tracks, and a video. Add their social media links, as well as contact information for booking agents.

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However, if your label is just starting out, you could simply use a single page using a 2-column layout, with images and descriptive text side by side.

Record Label artists pageShows

Use a Calendar to list all upcoming tour dates for your artists. Bandzoogle has a built-in events feature where you can display upcoming shows in several formats, and sell tickets commission-free.

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You can also use our Bandsintown feature to display show dates for each band separately.


Looking to sell music and merch for your artists? Set up a Store page to sell digital tracks, CDs, vinyl, and T-shirts commission-free. If one of your artists is dropping a new album soon, set it up for pre-order and sell it in advance to generate buzz.

Want to clear out old stock? Offer music and merch at sale prices to get people buying!

Modular Carnage Record Label website


Are you actively looking for new artists for your record label? If so, add a page that outlines the format that you will accept for demos. Be sure to address some FAQs as well, such as the genre of artist, what kind of experience they should have, where they have played shows, and what kind of a crowd they can draw.

If you are not seeking submissions, some text here indicating that you are not currently accepting clients will help clarify things for bands contacting your label.

Record label contact page


Include a contact form to accept inquiries about your record label. Add a link to your Submissions page to be sure people have read what you are looking for before they submit an inquiry. Then add an email address for any separate staff: management, booking inquires, and press.

Build a professional website for your record label that's easy to update, and sell music & merch commission-free. Try Bandzoogle free now!


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