How to Create a Store Page to Sell Music & Merch on Your Website

How to Create a Store Page to Sell Music and Merch on your Website

With your website being your main hub online, it’s important to monetize your music. This includes setting up a great store page for band merch that’s easy to scan and shop.

First create a compelling Homepage with recent information and music. Make sure your band bio page is up to date, then get your Music ready to sell music online.

Now you’re ready to add your band merch! Selling through our commission-free store is easy to set up, and here are some tips to get you started.

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Organize it

Your Store page needs to be organized. Use a simple website theme that will allow you to showcase content on this page. Then, add your store with the products that you’ll sell.

With each item, take care to note exactly what it is, and add a description. The more detailed you are, the better your chance is of making the sale.

You can create sections to group items per category - CDs, then shirts, then extras like vinyl or posters.

If you have a lot of merch to offer, create separate pages for each type of product. Each page can have it’s own store with dedicated items. Then, you’d link to them from the main store page.

With many products, choosing to display them in a grid will also give your store a unified look.

Ball Brothers Band Merch Store

Make use of images and color

Make sure every item in your store has an image showing what it is. This will add visual interest to the page, and help potential buyers see what they are getting. You can even add several images per item (think front and back of a t-shirt).

When it comes to selling band merch online, a simple design will work wonders. With a plain background, the focus will be on your store items. Think about which colors work well, and integrate them. You can set the color of your buy buttons, or give them a modern outline, to give your products a sleek look.

Savvie Merch Store

Include extras for everyone

If it’s been awhile since your last album, your fans may have already bought it. If you’re hoping to make a steady stream of revenue with your online store, get creative to move that merch!

Set up some package deals, or bonus items like signed posters. Little items like stickers or guitar picks can be popular on their own, or bundled with CDs. Don’t forget, you can set up the automatic inventory option to be sure you don’t sell out of any limited run items.

Red Hill Valleys Merch Store

Need some ideas for what kind of merch to sell? Check out The Ultimate Guide to Selling Band Merch Online.

Make it stress-free

Once your page is set up in an organized way, with an uncluttered layout, add some text with instructions to make shopping easier. You could note the expected ship time for regional vs international orders, or explain that you accept both Paypal and credit cards on checkout.

Add a way to contact you well. This will help if someone is browsing and has questions, or if they have bought something and need help afterwards.

Finally, add a quick thank you note in your payment settings as well, which will get sent to your customer directly. A message thanking them, and offering a way to get in touch, will help build connections with your fans.

Enter the Haggis Merch Store

Add a digital option

Besides items that you have to ship out, you can also offer digital tracks or files. Sell pdfs, ebooks, sheet music and more through your Store! You can even sell music lessons, workshops, or set up gig deposits, using your store to collect payment.

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Rotate merch regularly

Your store page should be updated regularly. This means removing items out of stock or adding items that are coming soon. Clear out your old CDs and shirts by having a sale, or offer a discount code to members of your mailing list. Then, add new items and be sure to promote them to your fanbase.

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Reaching out to plug new merch is a great way to drive traffic back to your website and get people shopping!

Swamp Donkey Jass Merch Store

Setting up and maintaining a store page is your best bet to make money on your website and sell more music and merch online. Keep it well organized and simple, and your efforts will pay off!

Build a professional website in just a few clicks where you can sell music and band merch commission-free! Sign up free with Bandzoogle now.


Jason Smith
Posted by Jason Smith on Aug 20 2016 5:25 PM
Can this be a site that only sales tickets
Posted by Julia on Aug 20 2016 5:40 PM
Hi Jason! You could sell tickets through the store feature, but we recommend using the ticket sales feature that is available through the 'Events' feature. That way, each of the tickets sold is directly linked to an event in your account, and added to the event's Guest List, which you can then print out. Here's more information on ticket sales through the 'Events' feature: You can reach us through the 'Help' tab in your account with any other questions you may have!
Posted by FRANMAN on Sep 15 2016 7:10 PM
Very helpful information. Thanks
Tim Connell
Posted by Tim Connell on Sep 27 2016 3:57 PM
Can you sell video lessons? If so, is there a limit to how many I can have in my store, on your site? I have an archive of hundreds of lessons, each about 8 minutes long and about 100MB.
Posted by Melanie on Sep 28 2016 6:48 PM
Hey Tim, sure you can! WIth our Pro plan you can add unlimited files, with a limit of 2GB per file in your Store.