Website Design Inspiration: Best Record Label Sites

Best Record Label Websites

Your record label needs a home on the web to showcase your artists and their music. Bandzoogle makes it easy to build a label website that is modern and organized. The best record label sites use a simple website template, to put the emphasis on their artists, and rotate out featured music and news.

Let's check out some great record label websites to give you some inspiration for yours!

Keep it simple

Simple is key for a record label website. Not only is it modern and stylish, but a website with just a couple of background colors and a bit of text will make the content stand out.

Think about a website visitor first landing on your page. What would you want them to find?

Once you've come up with the most important information to feature, add that. Place your text or music, and break up the content area with images.

[How to Build a Record Label Website]

A great record label website is Sargent House. They set the tone right away with a series of black and white images rotating in a slideshow, and a very simple Homepage.

This conveys visually the style of music that their artists play, and gives their website a cohesive look. They rely on a clear navigation with well-laid out pages to follow.

Sargent House Record Label Website

Make the music shine

With record label website design, think about the music you want to feature. This is key to attracting website visitors, and keeping them informed about your artists.

Indie record label Modular Carnage highlights new releases and forthcoming releases on their Homepage. With tracks on one side and an image on the other to add a pop of color, it’s easy to find and listen to the songs. They also separate out sections using a feature title for a clean look that’s quick to scan.

Modular Carnage Indie Record Label

Easy Navigation

A record label website is often jam-packed with details from upcoming events, to new tunes, and everything in between. Make sure the menu is clear, easy to locate, and navigate.

Add pages about your label, your artists, music, and a clear way to contact you. Keep the page names simple, and create sub-pages if needed for different artists or albums.

Lisbon Lux Records keeps their record label website design simple, with super clear navigation. This encourages visitors to explore their website, rather than getting frustrated trying to find what they want and just leaving.

Lisbon Lux Records website

Anyone visiting this website will quickly see the branding, the music, and be able to choose where to go next.

Emphasize your artists

There are a few ways to organize your artists, depending on how many you have, and how much information you want to provide.

If your label is just starting out, a simple Artists page with a short paragraph, image, a song for each one, and links to their own website and social profiles will do the job. Once you grow, adding a page per artist will give their fans more information. You can also sell music online for your artists, commission-free!

Worldhaus music does a great job showcasing their artists, by adding subpages under a clear main Artists page. On that main page, they also add an image for each one. Each image is similar in color and shape, and gives the page a clean look.

Worldhaus Music Record Label Website

These record label websites are clearly laid out and well-organized. They are full of information that’s presented in a streamlined manner. It’s easy to look through and learn about their artists, and the professional design sets them apart.

For more design inspiration, take a look at some more great band website template examples. We hope these examples give you some inspiration to design your own stunning record label website using Bandzoogle’s built-in features!

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Live & Unplugged
Posted by Live & Unplugged on Sep 9 2016 9:09 AM
Hi Bandzoogle what templates do Lisbon Lux Records and WorldHaus Music use for their websites?
Posted by Desi on Sep 9 2016 9:13 AM
@Live & Unplugged, Lisbon Lux Records uses the Primer theme, and WorldHaus Music uses the Manhattan theme!
Worldhaus Music
Posted by Worldhaus Music on Sep 12 2016 12:56 PM
Thank you so much for the nice mention of our website, Melanie. We strive to keep it simple and stylish, and with the help of everyone at Bandzoogle it makes it a lot easier.