Music sales now reported to SoundScan

Bandzoogle reports sales to Soundscan

Great news: music sales through Bandzoogle websites are now reported to Nielsen SoundScan, the company that powers the Billboard charts. That means website sales will give you a chance at charting, which can generate buzz for your career and get media and industry attention.  

Having SoundScan data for your sales can also help your career in other ways, like in negotiating with record labels, agents, managers, and for sponsorships. Armed with your social media numbers, mailing list numbers, and sales data, you can put yourself in a position to get a better deal.

For our Canadian members, SoundScan data can also help you with applications for grants like FACTOR and Radio Starmaker.

And of course, when you sell music using our Music & Store features, you get to keep 100% of your sales! ($16 million and counting).

SoundScan reporting is another feature for our Pro members. The Pro plan includes other great stuff like inventory tracking, album pre-orders, selling PDFs and videos, sale pricing, and creating unlimited download codes.

How to make your music eligible for SoundScan reporting

To start reporting your sales to SoundScan, you must include the UPC code for each album, and ISRC code for each track within the Music feature (more info about ISRC codes here). You'll find these fields in the "edit" form for tracks and albums.

Bandzoogle doesn’t supply UPC and ISRC codes, but there are several easy ways to get them. In fact, there’s a very good chance that you already have them. For example, if your music is being distributed digitally by an aggregator like TuneCore, you’ve already been given UPC codes for your albums and ISRC codes for your songs.

If you do not have your music distributed through an aggregator, but would like to submit your sales to SoundScan, you’ll need to purchase UPC and ISRC codes. It’s an easy process, and you pay per album for UPC codes, and per track for ISRC codes, plus a small registration fee:

To have physical CD sales reported to SoundScan, you have to associate the CD in the Store feature with a digital album, then the CD sales will be reported.

To qualify for SoundScan reporting, albums must be sold for a minimum of $3.49 USD, and digital tracks for a minimum of $0.39.  

We submit US and Canadian sales reports to SoundScan weekly.

If you have any questions about SoundScan reporting, read more about How to get ISRC codes and report your music sales to SoundScan, or click on the Help tab through your Control Panel to chat with our Support team!

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Josh Doyle
Posted by Josh Doyle on Apr 13 2015 11:44 AM
Ron Korb - flautist, composer, recording artist, and master of world flutes
Great to hear the news!
Autograph Asylum
Posted by Autograph Asylum on Apr 13 2015 5:41 PM
Amazing thanks guys :)
Official Website of Chris Gomez. BMI Contemporary Christian Artist.
Fantastic guys good work!!!
Posted by SonicSpaceRecording on Apr 14 2015 9:49 AM
This is Great News!!! Thank you Bandzoogle!
Posted by BRIAN MEYERS on Apr 14 2015 11:46 AM
You guys are the best! Thanks!!
Jane & The Bear
Posted by Jane & The Bear on Apr 14 2015 2:28 PM
what about international sales ?
Posted by LAMONTIZ aka KID CRAB on Apr 14 2015 4:16 PM
Dave Cool
Posted by Dave Cool on Apr 14 2015 4:17 PM
Yaneh: We're not reporting International sales at the moment, but we'll announce if that changes.
Posted by PSALTY.COM on Apr 14 2015 5:22 PM
The Polaris
Posted by The Polaris on Apr 15 2015 9:39 AM
count in UK??? :/
Dave Cool
Posted by Dave Cool on Apr 15 2015 10:20 AM
The Polaris: It’s all about where the buyer lives. So if you have fans from the United States or Canada buying your music, those sales will be reported, regardless where you're based. But at the moment, we're not reporting sales from buyers outside of the US & Canada. We'll let you guys know if that changes.
Trap Camp Entertainment
Posted by Trap Camp Entertainment on Apr 15 2015 4:21 PM
great news!
Alicia Beale
Posted by Alicia Beale on Apr 16 2015 6:29 PM
what about past sales?
Dave Cool
Posted by Dave Cool on Apr 17 2015 8:16 AM
AliciaBeale: Unfortunately past sales cannot be reported, only sales going forward.
The Polaris
Posted by The Polaris on Apr 21 2015 4:59 AM
Please please please, work on hooking up uk sales. This would seriously make me love you more :P Its a superb feature to have though and if you could go one further and get distribution added to you then even better
Dave Cool
Posted by Dave Cool on Apr 21 2015 1:17 PM
The Polaris: Ha, I hear ya. I'll pass along your comments and we'll let you guys know if we expand territories.
d mezures
Posted by d mezures on Apr 22 2015 9:53 AM
Yall are getting me excited again!
Posted by Cato on Apr 22 2015 12:13 PM
Yes!!!! I am really happy about this! Great power move!
The Bates Family
Posted by The Bates Family on Apr 22 2015 5:52 PM
Great News!!!!......Thanks so much for the Heads Up....Keep up the great work guys and congrats to all my bandzoogle family!!
Riff Double 0 Music
Posted by Riff Double 0 Music on Apr 23 2015 10:59 PM
Mayan Fox
Posted by Mayan Fox on Apr 27 2015 2:13 PM
I started doing a happy dance but then realised that this is not worldwide. I'll hold the dance for the time being but look forward to the day. You guys do realise that there are musicians outside of the Americas right? :) I love your work. Keep it up!
Dave Cool
Posted by Dave Cool on Apr 28 2015 4:43 PM
Mayan Fox: Ha, indeed, and thanks! I'll forward your comments and we'll let you know if we expand the reporting.
Ced Wynez
Posted by Ced Wynez on May 3 2015 6:20 PM
yeshuasongs, Inc.
Posted by yeshuasongs, Inc. on Jul 7 2015 9:16 PM
Messianic music with a distinct twist at
Posted by JSM on Sep 10 2015 2:36 AM
Found this site looking for an alternative to CDBaby. I really love this & seriously considering it. I would have to give up itunes and amazon though. I mean I love having my music in major digital retail stores, but artists can't control the selling price. Thanks for giving me another option.
Brioni Faith
Posted by Brioni Faith on Dec 17 2015 11:21 PM
Just to clarify - I' an Australian Artist, but only downloads from US or Canada count towards charts (in US and Canada only)..? Do I have that right? It's not about where the artist is, but where the buyer is? Also wondering if this applies for free downloads - or does it need to be a purchase (even 1 cent) ? Thanks for your help!
Posted by Desi on Dec 18 2015 10:27 AM
@Brioni Faith, the purchase is based on where the artist is located - so if you're in Australia, it would be reported in your home country. If you bought an album or track from someone in the US, that sale would be reported in the US for them. This applies only for purchased tracks, not free downloads at all!