How to get ISRC codes and report your music sales to SoundScan

How to get ISRC codes and report your music sales to Soundscan

So you've finally finished your new album. The long days and nights of writing and recording and getting it *just* right are finished!

Once you release it to the world, you'll want to add your music to your website to sell directly to your fans online so you can keep 100% of your sales and collect valuable email addresses.

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To be sure that these sales are tracked and reported to the charts, you'll want to get ISRC codes for each song. While this may sound complicated, it's another quick tool to add to your DIY musician belt! Let's look at what an ISRC code is, and why they're important to have.

What is an ISRC code, and why do you need it?

ISRC stands for International Standard Recording Code. It's a unique identifier for a sound recording, and is used to measure sales. These sales are reported to Nielsen SoundScan, which powers the Billboard charts.

In the music industry, proving that you can sell music will go a long way towards booking shows and garnering buzz for your band. Website sales will give you a chance to get on the charts, and in turn can generate interest in your music from the media, potential sponsors, or management and record labels.

What music tracks are eligible for reporting?

In addition to having a valid ISRC code, your track must sell for at least 0.39USD.

Who can apply for an ISRC code?

If you are the rights owner of the track, you can apply for the ISRC code.

How do I get ISRC codes for my songs?

There's a very good chance that you already have them! For example, if your music is being distributed digitally by an aggregator like TuneCore, you've already been given ISRC codes for your songs.

If you do not have your music distributed through an aggregator, but would like to submit your sales to SoundScan, you’ll need to purchase ISRC codes.

You can head over to to look for agencies in your area.

In the United States, check out to either obtain a Registrant Code (which allows you to assign ISRC codes) or, to look for an ISRC manager to assign codes for you. You could also look at using a service such as

In Canada, go to and apply directly.

Once you get an ISRC code for a track, it's permanent for the life of the track. Think of it like a digital fingerprint - so you only have to get it once.

How do I apply ISRC codes to my tracks on my website?

It's easy to add ISRC codes to your tracks through your Bandzoogle website! Here’s how:

  • Click any Music feature
  • Click Add track and upload a track
  • Add your track info and include the ISRC code
  • Save!

Add ISRC codes to your music

When do online music sales through my website get reported to SoundScan?

This varies depending on who is reporting them. For your music sales through Bandzoogle, we report weekly on Tuesday. If you have set up a pre-order and make sales prior to your release date, we report all the sales once your album is released.

How do I report sales made at live shows?

If you also want to report sales of your music at live shows to SoundScan, services such as Indie Hit Maker or At Venu provide live venue sales reporting.

Now that you know more about ISRC codes, how to get them, and what they’re used for, have fun making music and selling it!

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