10 songs by Bandzoogle members you should listen to #MusicMonday

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We recently did a blog post highlighting the music listening habits of the Bandzoogle staff. We're a team who listens to all sorts of genres and styles of music. Us Bandzoogler’s love a variety of artists but have a soft spot for tunes created by our members. Today we salute you for your hard work getting your music out to the world. Here’s a small sample of the members our BZ staff is listening to today. #musicmonday

Bandzoogle Staff Picks Playlist:

Who's listening to what?

David E (Support) - “Burken” by Niko Ne Zna

Allison (Support) -”Sunday Morning Pancakes” by Julia Figueroa

Dave S (Developer) - “Passionflower” by Jon Gomm (Member spotlight interview!)

Justin (Support) - “Hand over my heart” by James Hill (JUNO Nominee!)

Dave Cool (Artist Relations) - “A Love Sincere” by Covenhoven  

Adam (Support) - “Big Deal” by Open to the Hound  

Stacey (Support) - “Common Sense" by Mason James

Desi (Support) - “Numbered Doors” by Lori McKenna

Josh (Design) - “The Rain Song” by Camila Meza (Featured Artist!)

Melanie (Support) - “The Peninsula” by Tara Craig

Now it's your turn. Post a Soundcloud link of your favorite song by a Bandzoogle member, even your own! We love hearing new music and who knows, you may be featured on a future #musicmonday post. Bandzoogle members unite! 


The Polaris
Posted by The Polaris on Jun 15 2015 9:42 AM
https://soundcloud.com/the-polaris-uk/escape-ep Obviously gotta throw our hat into the ring :)
Anielle Reid
Posted by Anielle Reid on Jun 15 2015 11:28 AM
Posted by N-Roque on Jun 17 2015 1:54 AM
Elvis IS Reborn! https://soundcloud.com/n-roque/elvis-is-reborn This is MY Latest Release.. Allison also take a look in to the video you would love it https://youtu.be/kzL6SP5SGnk
Lev Shelo with Corry Bell
Posted by Lev Shelo with Corry Bell on Jun 17 2015 9:38 AM
https://soundcloud.com/levshelowithcorrybell/hashivenu-elecha-1. Enjoy the video too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAv1Rk0v0Xs&index=10&list=PLB44CF0DBB3FB1D22
Songs by Tom
Posted by Songs by Tom on Jun 17 2015 10:21 AM
Is there a place to go where we could see a list of all Bandzoogle members websites?
The Maniac Agenda
Posted by The Maniac Agenda on Jun 17 2015 1:09 PM
Do it Loud by The Maniac Agenda = https://soundcloud.com/themaniacagenda/dracula-untold-the-maniac-agend-remix?in=themaniacagenda/sets/maniac-mixture-of-things
Jack Jerry
Posted by Jack Jerry on Jun 17 2015 2:58 PM
Alex Tetzloff
Posted by Alex Tetzloff on Jun 18 2015 1:27 PM
Posted by EMILY GRANT on Jun 19 2015 1:26 AM
https://soundcloud.com/emilygrantmusic/what-becomes a little ghost story
James Hill, ukulele slingin' songsmith
Posted by James Hill, ukulele slingin' songsmith on Jun 19 2015 9:24 AM
Thanks for the nod, BZ!
Berachah Valley
Posted by Berachah Valley on Jun 22 2015 10:20 AM