Website Design Inspiration: Best Electronic Press Kits (EPKs)

Website Design Inspiration: Best Electronic Press Kits

Whether you’re a solo jazz musician, a drummer in a rock band, or part of a folk duo, one of the most important pages on your music website is your electronic press kit page. It’s the gateway to getting you booked at new venues.

There is so much content to put on an EPK page that it can be hard to create something that is both well-organized, and visually appealing. Here are a few stunning examples of EPKs that hit the mark in all areas, from strong music, to eye-catching images, and a clear layout.

Highlight your strengths

First, gather a few quotes from reviews, venues, or fans and add the best ones to your page. You can add a quote at the top of your page, or organize a few words in plain text on one side of the page.

Duane Eubanks uses a great quote from the New York Times to lead the way on his EPK page, letting it span the content area. He then organizes his music and content in columns to follow.

Duane Eubanks EPK

Long and short bio option

You’ll also want to have different bio options. Duane Eubanks has a short bio right at the top of his press kit page. Then, he’s added a list of other bio options right underneath it. This makes his bio quick to grab and scan, or copy and paste for venues or bloggers that need it quickly.

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Make use of music

On your band EPK page, you’ll want to include music. Assemble a few of your best tracks. These can be demos, album tracks, or live songs. Just be sure that they are of good quality. They should show off your performing ability and musical chops with a first listen.

Placing these tracks into a compact music player will ensure they don’t take up too much room on the page, leaving space for all of your other press kit content. You can also display your songs in a short track list.

Chicken Like Birds EPK

Adding a music player with a few tracks as Chicken-Like Birds have done, highlights their tunes right off the bat. Use a styled button with a pop of color to make sure that play button is pressed.

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Pop/rock band Pin Up uses an album to display their tracks on their EPK page, including their cover art. Their art also matches their website’s overall color scheme perfectly, with a neutral background and darker buttons that stand out.

Pin Up EPK page

Arrange your photos and videos

Next up are photos. Add images to download in full, or provide a list of hi-res images. The purpose of this is for bloggers, media, or your fans to grab the pictures to post. Make sure you have a few options to choose from (think: landscape, portrait, color, as well as black and white). Live shots that are good quality will stand out, as well as a few posed photos that convey your musical style.

Alt-pop songstress Briagha Mctavish places her images and music side by side in columns for a fresh look against a clean white background.

Briagha McTavish EPK page

Finally, add your videos. The purpose of videos is to show a potential booker what your band looks and sounds like. Place your videos together on the page, in either a row or a column, to make them easy to watch.

If you have a professional music video, include that, otherwise recent live videos can do the trick. If you are aiming to book intimate shows, like house concerts, or bigger festivals, try to incorporate an example of you playing those kinds of events.

Check out Gal Holiday’s use of videos on her EPK page. They’re placed to one side, easy to spot, and easy to watch. She has both a professionally shot video, as well as some great quality live performances. True to her quirky style, the videos are fun to watch and give the viewer a true sense of what she would deliver at a live show.

Gal Holiday EPK page

In general, for a well-designed electronic press kit page, make sure your media is used sparingly (use only the best stuff) and looks stylish.

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EPK Layout

To lay out your images, video, and text in a way that’s uncluttered, make use of columns and feature titles. With a label for everything, it’ll help people landing on this page find what they want quickly. Giving each area a distinct section is a nice way to draw the eye to the content.

Tyler Kealey EPK page

Set your feature titles and font to different colors that complement each other to add some contrast to the page. You’ll want to be sure that your content isn’t too busy on the page.

Clear contact option

Now that your EPK is looking good, be sure to give people a way to book you! Use a contact form or place an email address right on the page. You can also include information for a manager, booking agent, or label if you’d like.

These Bandzoogle members have created stylish and organized electronic press kits pages that are sure to help them got booked. We hope these EPK examples will inspire you to create a beautiful press kit page on your own band website!

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