Best Tips for Musicians from the Bandzoogle Blog in 2014

Hey everyone,

Each week we aim to post helpful content for you Bandzooglers here on our blog. As we get ready to break for the holidays, here are the posts we felt were some of the best from the past year to help with your website and career:

16-Point Band Website Assessment Checklist

Every day we review lots of band websites. In this post we share our checklist (including a downloadable PDF) to help you guys evaluate your own site.

18 Ways Musicians Can Make Money

One of the biggest challenges facing musicians today is making money. We put together this list of 18 ways you can generate revenue for your music career. It’s no surprise that this was one of the most popular posts of the year!

Bandzoogle Staff Reveal Their Best Website Tips for Musicians!

Another one of our most shared posts in 2014. We asked our staff what their best website tips and favorite Bandzoogle features are. These tips came from the developers that helped to create the features, the support team who know our system better than anyone, and even our CEO got in on the action.

How to Get a Wikipedia Page for Your Band

Getting a page on Wikipedia for your music isn't a straightforward process, and there's no guarantee of being able to get one. But if you follow their guidelines, you'll give yourself a much better chance. We outlined the most important things to keep in mind when creating a page for your band on Wikipedia.

Google Adwords for Musicians: How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

If you’re looking to book weddings or other private gigs, Google Adwords can be an effective way to potential clients. This post outlines how to create a Google Adwords campaign, and offers an example from Bandzoogle member Jon Hart to help you get started.

How to Create a Music Marketing Budget in 4 Simple Steps

One of the most important things you can do for your music career is create a budget. We broke the process down into 4 simple steps, and included a sample downloadable budget to help you create your own.

We hope you found our blog helpful this year. If there are any topics you’d like us to write about in 2015, please let us know in the comments!