Band Website Design Inspiration: All About the Image

Band website Rebecca Rego

Who: Rebecca Rego & the Trainmen
What: Indie-Folk Rock N Roll
Where: Wisconsin
Why their website rocks: Talk about a picture being worth a thousand words! We love the main image on this website. It immediately puts their folky Americana sound into your mind. It also makes you think how much fun it’d be to listen to this down-to-earth and stylish group of musicians!

Hints of white in their image make it seem fresh and modern, working well with their eye-catching text. Their main image also scales perfectly from page to page and on mobile devices.

It can be time-consuming to update your website on the road, and they have added the instagram feature as a great way to keep visual content always appearing on their Homepage. They keep their tour dates tidy and updated by using Bandsintown, and a Twitter feature also adds tidbits of news in bite sized pieces.

Continuing with their creative vibe on their website store page, they offer their CDs for sale as well as homemade jewelry shaped from Rebecca’s guitar strings!

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