Website Design Inspiration: Great Bilingual Site from Whisky Legs

Bilingual website design by Whisky Legs band from Québec.

Who: Whisky Legs
What: Blues, Rock, and Soul Band
Where: Quebec, Canada
Why their website rocks: We love that Whisky Legs posted some fantastic images to their page headers, while keeping their content informative, clean, and neat. This helps ensure clarity in their bilingual site, especially when viewed on mobile devices.

The Whisky Legs site also uses our subpages option to good effect, and keeps what could be complicated navigation between French and English really easy. In mobile view, every translated page is nested below a corresponding main menu language page, so visitors can just scroll to their language preference, and select a page to view.

It’s obvious that keeping their fans in the loop is important, as they keep their Nouvelles / News pages current with a blog feature. Also, every page prominently features the mailing list signup form feature at the top, so visitors can’t miss where to get on the list.

We also like that Whisky Legs have their music features set up so visitors can ‘name their own price’ when purchasing music. This is a great way to make their music accessible to new fans, and shows confidence and trust in their existing fan base who continue to support them.

You can check out their site in either English or French at

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