Musician Website Review: Dustin Jake [VIDEO]

This is the 3rd of 5 website reviews as part of the Hypebot & Bandzoogle Video Website Review Contest. This time, we review the website for Dustin Jake, a singer-songwriter from Arizona who recently released a new album called “Feels Like Summer”.

Below is the video review of his website:

Dustin’s website is a nice example of a well-designed, well-organized artist website. In our review we go over some of the ways he can improve the content on his website to make it a great online hub for his career that works for all visitors to his site, including current fans, new fans and industry people.

We hope that Dustin, and everyone who watches, finds the review helpful:


Caleb McGinn
Posted by Caleb McGinn on Aug 16 2012 6:13 PM
When is the new website platform coming out?????
Dave Cool
Posted by Dave Cool on Aug 18 2012 5:11 PM
@CalebMcGinnMusic: The new system is built and we have one of our support people working full-time testing it to make sure to catch any bugs in the system. Once that is done, we'll role out a beta test to a limited group of members, which should start sometime later this month. There are also specific threads in the Community Forums with updates on BZ 2.0. Cheers, Dave Director of Artist Relations Bandzoogle
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