Bandzoogle Fall Tour Finale: TAXI Road Rally in Los Angeles Nov.8-11

Our Fall Tour comes to an end next week when we head to Los Angeles for the TAXI Road Rally. TAXI is the world's leading Independent Artist & Repertoire Company, and has been around since 1992. Each year they host their own conference, the TAXI Road Rally in Los Angeles, which is exclusive (and free) for their members.

This year we’ll be sponsoring the Road Rally and participating in many conference events. Allison from our support team and Dave Cool will be there on the ground for us. Here are all the details:

TAXI Road Rally: November 8-11 in Los Angeles

Bandzoogle Booth (Free Website Reviews)

We’ll have a booth set-up during the conference, so come by to say hello and get your website reviewed! Here are the hours we’ll be around:

Thursday, November 8
5PM - 8PM

Friday, November 9 - Sunday, November 11
9AM - 6PM each day


We’ll be offering 3 workshops while at the conference, here are the times and descriptions:

Website Demolition Derby
Friday, November 9th
11AM - 12:30PM

This session will offer live critiques of musician websites. Each site's design, organization, content and functionality will be assessed. How does the website fit with the artist's overall online strategy, and how successfully does it achieve their goals? Dave Cool, the Director of Artist Relations at Bandzoogle, is extremely knowledgeable about website best practices and deeply allergic to bad design, Flash widgets and unreadable fonts. Reviews will be ruthless, and diplomacy will be left aside, but all reviews will aim to teach everyone in the room some website design best practices.

How to Build A Professional Band Website in Minutes with No Web Design Skills!
Saturday, November 10
9AM - 10:30AM

This workshop will show how you can use Bandzoogle to build a professional band website that does more -- sells music & merch, syncs with your social networks, and puts you in front of more fans. No coding or web design skills needed! Dave Cool (Director of Artist Relations, Bandzoogle) will build a band website from scratch and show off Bandzoogle’s many powerful and easy-to-use tools for artists.

Hub & Spokes: The Key to Gaining More Fans & Making More Money Online
Sunday, November 11
10:45AM - 12:15PM

There’s no shortage of online promotional tools for musicians out there, so it can be daunting to figure out just how to use them effectively to promote your music. Which social media sites should you be active on? Do you still need your own website? Are mailing lists outdated? This workshop will explain the “Hub & Spokes” method of using all of these tools in a cohesive strategy to gain more fans, and generate more income for your career. Workshop given by Dave Cool (Director of Artist Relations, Bandzoogle).


Our Director of Artist Relations, Dave Cool, will also be on the following panel:

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?
Sunday, November 11
3:30PM - 4:30PM

Top experts show you opportunities to make money with your music that you’ve probably overlooked!

Michael Laskow - Founder, TAXI (Moderator)
Tony vanVeen – CEO of AVL, parent company of Disc Makers and CD Baby
Lauren Danzy – Marketing Manager, SoundExchange
Dave Cool – Director of Artist Relations, Bandzoogle
Gooding – Indie Artist/Songwriter and one-man marketing machine

So if you’ll be at the TAXI Road Rally, be sure to attend some of our workshops and come say hello at our booth to get your website reviewed. As always, we’ll have t-shirts on hand for members, and plenty of free candy if you need a sugar high to keep you going.

Stay tuned to our blog as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages for more updates while we’re at the conference.


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