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Artist in photo: SHAZZE // member since 2024

Make an impression with a stunning Onesheet

Stand out with a Onesheet promotional page that showcases your music project and catches the attention of busy talent buyers, journalists and other industry professionals.

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Artist in photo: SHAZZE // member since 2024

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Design a unique custom Onesheet

Visual custom design tools let you easily create a Onesheet page that puts a spotlight on what makes your project unique. Print or publish your page online to share with industry contacts.

Designing a Onesheet

Build a Onesheet in minutes

With Bandzoogle’s preset layouts and built-in features you can quickly create a Onesheet page, drop in your unique content, and rearrange sections to suit your needs.

Editing the layout of a Onesheet

Onesheet page presets for every campaign

Whether you’re booking a tour or pitching to playlist curators there’s a Onesheet layout to make your job quicker and easier.

Book shows

Get more gigs with a Onesheet layout that helps showcase your live show to venues and talent buyers.

Advance shows

Support your tour with a Onesheet layout that helps outline your stage plot and other details.

Earn media

Get the support of journalists with a Onesheet layout that compiles your media assets in one place.

Promote to radio and curators

Catch the attention of radio promoters and playlist curators with a Onesheet layout that spotlights your project.

Pitch to labels

Impress labels and managers with a Onesheet layout that highlights your career achievements.

Showcase your music

Create a professional artist resume with an general EPK Onesheet layout that tells the story of your music.

The all-in-one platform for musicians

Bandzoogle all-in-one plans include everything you need to build a complete website for your music with stunning templates, easy custom design tools, and features to promote and sell your music online.

Laying-out a Onesheet

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How to build an artist Onesheet in 10 easy steps

Here’s how to build your own custom Onesheet for your music.

  1. Sign up for a free Bandzoogle account.
  2. Select a preset layout that fits your needs.
  3. Choose a design theme.
  4. Describe your project and why it stands out.
  5. Upload your music and media.
  6. Highlight your artist bio.
  7. Add links to your social media profiles.
  8. Customize your fonts and colors.
  9. Configure your contact form.
  10. Share your Onesheet!

Frequently asked questions

What is a Onesheet?

A Onesheet is a single page designed with a specific goal in mind for your music project.

The term "one sheet" was popularized before submissions became mostly digital: bands would send a hard copy (vinyl record, CD, cassette) to radio station DJs to try to get airplay, or to booking agents to try to get gigs. Accompanying that music was a printed sheet containing details about the band and the release, to persuade the music programmer to listen to their music and accept their submission.

The "one sheet" served as an opportunity for musicians to convince taste makers that their music merited attention.

Fast forward to the modern day and Onesheets are rarely printed on paper anymore, but their use is just as effective digitally (maybe even more so): to call attention to a project.

How do I make an artist Onesheet for music?

The best way to make your Onesheet is to use a platform like Bandzoogle that lets you easily design an artist Onesheet and host it online as a web page. Then you can provide a custom URL when sharing your Onesheet with music reviewers, radio stations, or other industry as needed. In some cases you may be asked to provide a Onesheet file, so it’s a good idea to use a platform that lets you create a downloadable PDF version as well.

What should my Onesheet include?

Your Onesheet should highlight your best work. Most band Onesheets include music (in a music player), a short artist bio, professional photos and album art, embedded high-quality music videos, a summary of recent achievements and reviews, social and streaming links, and contact information. You may want to include other specific content depending on who you’re sending it to and why—and also depending on what content you have available.

What does a Onesheet look like?

A Onesheet conveys an artist's music, brand, and project on a single-page sheet, versus a multi-page website. Depending on what goal you has in mind, a Onesheet might focus on a single or album release, and include a music player, images, sections of text, and embedded videos.

How do I send a Onesheet?

When sending a Onesheet to industry professionals, the most important thing to do is to make it easy and convenient for them to access it. Check whether your contact has specified a format or process they prefer. If you are sending an email, sharing a URL to a page where your Onesheet is hosted online is often the most effective format. If your contact prefers that you upload a file, then it’s often best to provide your Onesheet as a PDF file.

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