Uploading custom fonts is available to our Pro plan members. If you'd like to upgrade your plan to use this feature, check out the steps on how to change your plan. You can change the font type, colour, and size for your design at anytime, and as often as you like without removing your website content.

How to upload custom fonts:

  1. From the ‘Edit Theme’ tab, scroll through the pane on the left, to the font setting where you’d like to upload a custom font
  2. Click the font style dropdown
  3. Click ‘Upload a custom font’
  4. Select the font file from your computer
  5. Click ‘Open’

Note: Custom fonts must be in OTF or TTF format to work in our system.

After you’ve uploaded a custom font to one area in the settings, you'll be able to choose it in the font style dropdown on any of the other font setting areas of the ‘Edit Theme’ tab:

  • Site title
  • Menu
  • Headings
  • Subheadings
  • Content
  • Feature titles

Best practice: Eccentric fonts may seem cool, but if they’re hard to read they can discourage site visitors. Fonts with curls, swirls, jagged edges, or stripes can look playful but are unprofessional. Keep bold and italics to a minimum. Also reserve all-caps for titles and headings.