You can change your website style at any time without affecting your content. The ‘Edit Theme’ tab offers a wide range of preset themes, as well as customization options. You also have access to style sheets (CSS) for templates.

Note: The terms ‘template’ and ‘theme’ are used interchangeably here. They are the same thing in our system.

How to change your template:

  1. From the ‘Edit Theme’ tab, click ‘View themes’ at the top of your theme panel options. You’ll be taken to the theme chooser that offers several options:
    • All themes: All Bandzoogle themes
    • Your themes: Browse the themes you’ve already applied. To apply or delete one of the themes you’ve already used, hover over the theme and click ‘Apply theme’ or ‘Delete theme.’
      • Note: if you delete one of your themes, you’ll lose any of the color, font, or style customizations you’ve made to the theme previously. You won’t lose your website content.
    • One Page Themes: A selection of themes that look great with single-page designs
    • Blank: Our most popular themes with no stock imagery, colors, or font styles set.
    • EPK: A selection of themes that are perfect for EPK-focused websites
    • Theme genres: Eleven different genres with stock imagery to give you examples of how to style each theme for your music genre, including the following:
      • Rock
      • Folk
      • Country
      • Jazz/Blues
      • Singer/Songwriter
      • Classical
      • Urban/Hip-Hop
      • World
      • EDM/DJ/Producer
      • Business/Other
      • Beats
  2. Hover over a theme variation, then select ‘Try theme’ or ‘See variations’
    • Try theme: Applies the theme to your website and takes you to the theme customization options.
    • See variations: Displays the style variations for that template.
      • Apply Theme: click on the ‘Theme styles’ available and click ‘Apply theme’ when you find the one you’d like to work with
      • Arrows: Use the arrows to the left and right of the variations view to scroll to another theme option
      • Back to theme chooser: In the top left of the variation view, click on ‘Back to theme chooser’ to go back to the theme selection page.
  3. At the bottom of your theme editor, click ‘Save’ or ‘Cancel’ to apply your new theme or discard it. You’ll be presented with the following options:
    • Save
      • Click ‘Yes, publish’ to apply the changes to your live website
      • Click ‘No, not right now’ and the theme will be saved in your ‘My Themes’ chooser
    • Cancel
      • Your changes will be discarded and your theme will revert to your previously applied theme

In the ‘Edit Theme’ tab you’ll see a live preview of how your site will look when published. Because of the sidebar, this is not an exact view of your website’s spacing. For a more accurate impression, click the ‘View site’ button in the top right corner.

Note: Bandzoogle websites are built using our templates and features, so it is not possible to upload a website built externally.