You can change your website style at anytime without affecting your content. The ‘Edit Theme’ tab offers a wide range of preset themes, as well as customization options. You also have access to style sheets (CSS) for templates.

Note: The terms ‘template’ and ‘theme’ are used interchangeably here. They are the same thing in our system.

How to change your template:

  1. From the ‘Edit Theme’ tab, click ‘View themes’ in the top left corner. From there, the settings pane on the left offers several options:
    • All themes: All Bandzoogle themes
    • Blank themes: Our most popular themes with no stock imagery, colors, or font styles set.
    • Theme genres: Ten different genres with stock imagery to give you examples of how to style each theme for your music genre.
    • My themes: All your previously-used and edited themes are saved here, so you can load them at any time.
  2. Select ‘Apply Theme’ or ‘View Theme’
    • Apply Theme: Displays a preview of your website using that theme and your existing site content.
      • Continue with this theme: Takes you to the ‘Edit Theme’ tab where you can customize the theme.
      • Choose a different theme: Takes you back to the theme selection page.
    • View Theme: Displays the style variations for that template.
      • Apply Theme: browse through the theme variations and click ‘Apply theme’ when you find the one you’d like to preview
      • Back to theme chooser: Takes you back to the theme selection page.
  3. Click ‘Save’ after you’ve completed design adjustments
  4. If using a new theme, click ‘Yes, publish’ to apply the changes to your live website

In the ‘Edit Theme’ tab you’ll see a live preview of how your site will look when published. Because of the sidebar, this is not an exact view of your website’s spacing. For a more accurate impression, click the ‘View site’ button in the top right corner.

Note: Bandzoogle websites are built using our templates and features, so it is not possible to upload a website built externally.