New controlpanel beta

Update: The new control panel is now out of beta. Thanks for helping us test and polish the new features. Enjoy! The beta for the new Bandzoogle controlpanel is ready for you to play with! Some differences you might notice:
  • A new look-and-feel
  • The site design features now have their own tab
  • There is a new "Home" tab with a site activity feed to let you know at a glance what has been happening recently on your site and in the Bandzoogle community.
While you try out the beta, please let us know about anything that doesn't work, that looks weird, or that confuses you. In particular, let us know if you find the content in the "What's new?" section useful and if there's something else you'd like to see there. At the top of the screen you'll see a link to send us a comment as well as a link to return to the regular Bandzoogle control panel at any time. Enjoy!
Posted on 09/20/2007 | 35 comments

control panel facelift next week

Hi Folks,

We're putting the final touches on a spiffy new look for the control panel.

The current version is a little long in the tooth in some places. It is relatively unchanged, design-wise, since we launched in 2003. We've added a lot on since then, but not all of it went in the most logical places.

The new control panel is streamlined and clean, but most importantly has room for new design features that will be added in the coming months.

We've added some small features to it at the same time. Namely:

  • You can now turn pages on and off -- so you can edit pages without having them appear "live"
  • A new "home" page will give you an overview of your recent site activity, so you don't have to surf through all your pages to see guestbook posts, new members, etc.
  • We've also added this activity to your site traffic reports, so you can see how popular certain features are along side the basic visitor stats.

We'll post a "BETA" version next week for you to try out.

Posted by Chris on 09/07/2007 | 48 comments