The Bandzoogle story

In the late 90s, Bandzoogle's founder Chris played in a rock band called Rubberman. The band played big festivals, toured, made videos, and did all the crazy things rock bands do. And like many rock bands, had a parting of ways with their singer and broke up.

Their record label liked the website Chris built for Rubberman, so they hired him as a web designer for their multi-platinum artists. Over time, he got overloaded with requests to update the websites. So, he created a "control panel" to let managers make the changes themselves. Chris realized that the program could also help indie bands build and update their own websites. Bandzoogle was born.

Now, thousands of bands around the world use Bandzoogle to build their websites, and it is still growing!

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The Bandzoogle Team

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  • Chris Vinson

    Chris Vinson

    Montreal, QC

  • Stacey Bedford

    Stacey Bedford

    Ottawa, ON

  • Allison Sharp

    Allison Sharp

    Palm Desert, CA

  • Eli Gordon

    Eli Gordon

    Halifax, NS

  • Colin Mitchell

    Colin Mitchell

    Montague, MA

  • Dave Spurr

    Dave Spurr

    Leeds, UK

  • David Dufresne

    David Dufresne

    Montreal, QC

  • Melanie Kealey

    Melanie Kealey

    Ottawa, ON

  • Dave Cool

    Dave Cool

    Montreal, QC

  • Justin Ralph

    Justin Ralph

    Toronto, ON

  • David English

    David English

    Toronto, ON

  • Adam Percy

    Adam Percy

    Port Alberni, BC

  • Jorge Manrubia

    Jorge Manrubia

    Madrid, Spain

  • Joseph Longo

    Joseph Longo

    Montreal, QC