members update details

hey everyone,

I've received a lot of questions about the members features that we are working on.  Here's the rundown:
  • we are going to better organize the mailing list, members, and e-team features in the control panel.

  • we will add a log in/log out link on your password protected pages

  • password protection will work on a group basis.  This feature will let you do stuff like allow only your e-team to access a certain page or feature

  • all features where  visitors can comment will have the option to be password protected (for example the forum and blog comments)

  • you will have the option to approve members before they can log in.

  • you'll be able to customize what fields appear in the mailing list, members,  and eteam sign up forms

  • members will be able to add a photo of themselves which will appear in their guestbook and forum posts

These changes involve restructuring the way everything works in the guts of the system, which is why it's taking a little longer than expected. Once they're done however, will be able to add many cool new features in a much shorter time.   Stay tuned for more details...

Posted by Chris on 09/29/2005 | 12 comments

members feature updates

Hey everyone,

The members feature has been very "basic" to date, but that will be changing.  In the near future we will be implementing many more features that will allow you to create a real "community" within your site (instead of relying on outside sites like  More details to be posted shortly!

Posted by Chris on 09/29/2005 | 9 comments

E-team and mailing lists

We are currently revamping the E-team feature and mailing list. Due to the changes being made, the E-team feature has been temporarily disabled, but your mailing list will continue to work as usual. More details will be posted next week.
Posted by Keif on 09/23/2005 | 6 comments

New music player feature coming next week

By popular demand, we've changed the music player to stay open throughout your site. Now surfers can surf through your website without interupting your music from playing. Here's a sneak peak.


Posted by Keif on 09/16/2005 | 32 comments

new Music Player encoder

We've just changed the encoder that processes your MP3s for the music player.  Two major changes:
  1. You now have the choice of 5 different bit rates, from AM radio quality (fast loading and works on dial up) to near CD quality for high speed visitors
  2. Overall sound quality is improved at all bit rates.
You will need to re-add your tracks to be re-encoded with the new encoder.  You will only notice a real difference if you were previously using the "high speed" version of the encoder. Let us know what you think of it!
Posted by Chris on 09/09/2005 | 6 comments

email forwarding option added

You can now set up email accounts that just forward to another address (for example your hotmail account) instead of storing them.  This can be easier for some band members who are happy with their current email setup and just want email accounts   There is no limit on the number of forwarding accounts.

Posted by Chris on 09/08/2005 | 7 comments

Rollover bug fixed

 Some members have noticed rollovers not appearing right in certain versions of Internet Explorer (the rollover would be shifted over a bit).  This bug is fixed.  If you still have trouble with this, please email us via the help tab.

Posted by Chris on 09/03/2005 | 13 comments