Event feature overhaul

Hi everybody, I hope your summers are going well. If you're in the middle of planning a fall tour you might be interested in some major improvements we've just made to our Events feature. Improvements include: - You can specify start and end times, possibly spanning multiple days (great for a multiple-day music festival). - You can create events which repeat automatically (great when you play a regular gig every Tuesday). - The display format on your site should look a lot nicer, especially the full-calendar view. - You can re-use previous event locations (venues) so you don't have to type them in every time. Let us know how you like the new system. If anything is not working for you, please fill out a support ticket and we'll fix it right away. -Eli
Posted on 08/16/2007 | 87 comments

To Tour Or Not To Tour

I've spoken about touring in the past, but allow me to bring to you this article I recently found, http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/viewArticle.asp?articleID=14411 It was written in 2006, but it still applies and helps to make sure you're prepared should you ever hit the road on your own. I toured once upon a time with my old band Rubberman. I had a great time. My only wish is that I had not gotten drunk every night and that I had a camera.... I would have to say that our biggest mistake was not road managing ourselves. We hired someone to drive and act as a road manager. In the end he was making more money a day than the band as a whole. Sure we had per diems of $20 dollars a day, but most of our expenses came out of our own pockets. Let's just say I ran quite the credit card bill that year. Another mistake we made was being lazy. There's no excuse for that. You should be fully committed at each gig. That includes details like setting up a merch table. Sounds like a no brainer doesn't it? Well, we still managed to let things slide and not take the extra time to set up shop. We would use every excuse. "Hmmm... doesn't look like there's much room to setup", "Looks like the bar is empty, why bother?" That's a bad attitude to have. What are your touring stories? Please share your experiences (good and bad), and your advice for other bands hitting the road.
Posted by Keif on 08/10/2007 | 29 comments

Do you need a manager?

I recently read a great article that questioned the need of a manger . It made so much sense that I just had to share it with you. It's almost harder to find a manager willing to represent you than it is to find a record label. And I don't think contacting managers (established or not) directly is necessarily the right approach, but how else are you to find one? I'v also been approached by managers seeking a fee for their services. This made stop to think, are they scam artists or are they just anybody else looking for a job and trying to make an honest dollar? The truth is, anyone who decides to represent you cannot guarantee your success, but they can most certainly try. It would be in their best interest, especially if they stand to make 20% of your earnings. So is charging people for management services completely outrageous? I'm starting to think not, but can they really do anything for you? Please check out the article as I'd like to know what you thoughts are on the subject.
Posted by Keif on 08/01/2007 | 34 comments