Template of the week - October 31

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Categories added to blog feature

We just updated your BLOG feature so that you can add categories to posts. This helps you organize them, and lets you visitors see similar posts with single click. We received many requests for this feature from members switching from blog platforms like Wordpress.

Once you add categories, they'll appear under individual blog posts, and in the right hand blog menu.

We hope you find this addition useful!

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Template of the week - October 24

A few members asked for simpler templates with a wide image area. Simple designs like this (and others in the SIMPLE category) don't have any major design elements, so the focus is on your header image. If you have ideas for new template styles you would like to see, post in the Community.

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Template of the week - October 17

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Using incentives grow your fan base

Not all fans will visit your website regularly. Having them sign up to your mailing list is the easiest way to keep them in the loop.

Rather than just asking for their addresses, why not give them an incentive to sign up? Here are a couple ways you could do this:

  1. Give away a free MP3 to fans who sign up to your list
    This is easy to do, using the "thank you message" option in the mailing list. You can provide a link to a file directly (addresses can be found in Design-File Manager), or direct visitors to a "thank you" page that isn't in your menu with the link on it.

  2. Use CD giveaways to get addresses at gigs
    Gigs are a great way to sign up new fans who may not have visited your site. People will do almost anything for free CDs; make them work for it by having them sign up to your mailing list (you do have a mailing list signup at your merch table, right?).
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Template of the week - October 10

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Bandzoogle is hiring: Part-Time Customer Support

Bandzoogle is looking for a part-time support person to join our team. The candidate will be responsible for helping customers via web chat and email, testing new features, and suggesting improvements for our products.

This is a part-time work from home position (approximately 15-20 hours/week).


  • Strong understanding of web pages and the internet (HTML, domains, FTP, Widgets, etc)
  • Expert level computer skills (Windows XP/Vista Mac OS X)
  • Friendly, courteous, with excellent written English
  • bonus points if you:
    • Have experience working in IT or have built web sites from scratch
    • Are fluent in languages other than English/French
    • Know our system inside and out

Why work with us?

  • A competitive hourly wage, plus bonuses based on performance
  • Paid training
  • A low stress, fun work environment
  • We're growing fast, even in this economy!

To apply: send your resume to jobs@bandzoogle.com with the subject "support position".

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Website storage increased 10X

In the last 48 hours, we performed some major upgrades to our server network. These changes mean that your Bandzoogle website is powered by one of the most powerful and reliable networks available today. Got a number one single? No problem, our servers can handle the traffic. A side benefit is that we can now offer much more storage at no extra charge -- 10 times more than what you previously had! Standard plan accounts now have 5000 MEG (5 GIG) and Pro plan accounts have 10,000 MEG (10 GIG) of website storage. Enjoy!
Posted by Chris on 10/01/2008 | 32 comments