new template added

Posted by Chris on 10/27/2006 | 20 comments

multiple photo galleries

Just a quick update; you can now add multiple photos features to a single page. Previously you were limited to one gallery per page.
Posted by Chris on 10/24/2006 | 18 comments

Improvements to button wrapping

If you are using a site style with a horizontal menu and you have more than half-a-dozen pages, you have probably noticed that your menu buttons wrap to a second row. Until now, the page building system has been using a simple wrapping calculation that sometimes made for some funny looking menus. For example, if you had 9 pages, you could end up with 8 buttons in one row and one lonely button on the second. Not ideal. Now, if you have enough buttons to require a second row, we will try to calculate the ideal position to wrap your buttons to keep your rows approximately even. We think this looks a lot better. If you currently have a two-row menu, try rebuilding your site and check out your new menu (to rebuild, go to "Site Style" and choosing your same style again). If you find that your new menu doesn't look quite right, please let us know and we'll do all we can to fix it up. In addition, if you have some small buttons in your menu which always had squished little drop-down submenus, those should be fixed as well. Again, you'll have to rebuild your site to see the changes.
Posted on 10/23/2006 | 9 comments

Big improvements to your store

We've just released some great improvements to the Bandzoogle store feature. You now have a bunch of options for charging shipping in your store. You can specify a shipping cost for the first item sold, another cost for each additional item, as well as a surcharge when the items will be shipped outside of your country. You can still choose to let PayPal decide the shipping rates (if you have a premium PayPal account), or opt to charge no shipping on certain items. We've added a handy little shopping cart that appears right next to your store feature so that your visitors can more easily buy more of your shwag. As well, you can now have as many stores as you like, each with its own list of products. For example, you could have a store for T-Shirts, another for CDs, and another with special prices only for your E-Team members (just make that page E-Team Only). Your existing stores and products have been copied into this new system, so if you had your old store on multiple pages before, you can now go in and specialize each one as you see fit. As always, we don't skim any money off your sales--it's all part of being a Bandzoogle member. Enjoy, and happy selling! -Eli
Posted on 10/13/2006 | 28 comments

new store features coming soon!

We are putting finishing touches on some much requested store updates. They include shipping (local and international), multiple stores per site, and the ability to mark items "out of stock". We'll post again when they are live.
Posted by Chris on 10/05/2006 | 27 comments