Bandzoogle Adds Inventory Tracking to its Direct-to-fan Commerce Features

MONTREAL, QC (Feb 9, 2015) - Bandzoogle Pro members that are selling physical items (CDs, vinyl, merch, tickets) from their website can now use a new option in Bandzoogle’s Store feature to set "in stock" quantities and manage their inventory.

More and more artists are selling limited-edition items like signed albums and posters, or even a one of a kind, hand crafted items. Now they can set a quantity of items to be "in stock" and they won’t need to worry about someone trying to purchase an item after it sells out. It also works well for things like tickets available in limited numbers.

Inventory management is the latest Pro feature added by Bandzoogle. The company has recently been working to make it’s Pro plan more powerful, by adding new advanced commerce options such as album pre-orders, selling eBooks and videos, sale pricing, and creating unlimited download codes. Bandzoogle has also recently added integrations with PledgeMusic, Bandcamp and SoundCloud and has announced an upcoming integration so that Bandzoogle users can report their direct-to-fan sales to Neilsen SoundScan. One thing to note, Bandzoogle is one of the few web commerce providers who do not take a commission on sales through its platform.

Visit this post on the Bandzoogle Blog to find out more.

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