Creating a subscription service is are a great way to engage with fans and offer them content that isn’t available anywhere else. Earn steady, commission-free income from your music website with subscriptions, using PayPal as an option to process payments.

This Help article includes:

  • Connecting your ‘Subscriptions’ feature to PayPal
  • How to change a PayPal members subscription tier
  • FAQ for PayPal subscriptions

Connecting your ‘Subscriptions’ feature to PayPal

If you have already connected PayPal in your ‘Payment settings’ you are not required to re-connect it for your ‘Subscriptions’ feature. Please be sure that your PayPal has been updated for the new PayPal integration. To learn more about the updated PayPal integration, please read the ‘Getting Paid Through PayPal and Stripe’ Help article.

To connect your PayPal to your Payment settings, follow these steps:

  1. In your Bandzoogle control panel, click on ‘Selling tools’
  2. In the list of options on the left, click on ‘Settings’
  3. In the ‘Settings’ pane on the left, click ‘Payment settings’
  4. Select the ‘Currency’ in which you’d like to receive payments
  5. Select the ‘Country’ where your store is based
    • Note: This is used to distinguish between local and international orders.
  6. Click ‘Connect to PayPal’
  7. In the pop-up PayPal screen, Enter your PayPal email address and your Country or region
    • Note: This must be the email address you use to log in to your PayPal account, not a username.
  8. Follow the prompts to login to your PayPal account
  9. In the permissions section, click ‘Agree and Connect’
  10. Click ‘Go back to Bandzoogle, Inc.’

Once you have successfully connected, you’ll see your PayPal ‘Merchant id’ and your ‘Associated email’ in the PayPal field on your ‘Payment settings.’

Next, follow these steps to enable PayPal for your subscriptions transactions.

  1. In your ‘Sales channels’ area, click on ‘Subscriptions’
  2. Click on ‘Payment settings’
  3. To enable PayPal for payment processing, click on the toggle for ‘Enabled.’ The toggle will become green when successfully enabled.

How to change a PayPal members subscription tier

If a subscriber has chosen PayPal as their payment option, and would like to change tiers, you’ll need to manually change their subscription tier level. Here’s how:

  1. From the control panel, click ‘Selling Tools’
  2. From the options listed on the left, click ‘Subscriptions’
  3. In the ‘Subscriptions’ settings list, click on ‘Subscribers’
  4. Use the ‘Filter’ or ‘Search’ options to find the subscriber
  5. Click on the … icon in the ‘Actions’ area and choose ‘View Subscriber’ from the dropdown
  6. Click ‘Cancel subscription’ in the top right of the subscriber details page
  7. Ask your member to log in to the subscriber area on your website
    • Note: Subscriber login can be found in your website footer
  8. Your member can now re-subscribe to their desired tier level

FAQ for PayPal subscriptions

Having issues with getting PayPal set up to accept your fan subscription payments? These troubleshooting steps may help.

  • In order to receive payments for PayPal subscriptions, you will need a free PayPal Business account. A personal PayPal account won’t accept subscription payments.

  • Ensure that all cards or bank accounts associated with your PayPal account are up to date and active. This includes the mailing address associated with your card or bank account.

  • If you continue to experience issues with payments, you may need to contact PayPal support to be sure your business PayPal account is active and verified, and doesn't have any limitations. You may need to provide an address and ID to PayPal support.

  • If you are not receiving payments to your PayPal account, be sure that your PayPal integration has been updated. You can learn more about updating your PayPal integration by reading the ‘Getting Paid Through PayPal and Stripe’ Help article.

Need more help setting up fan subscriptions on your band website? Check out Creating a Subscriptions Page.