If you are a composer or you have transcriptions of your band’s music as tablature or standard music notation, selling sheet music through your website is a great way to generate income.

How to use the ‘Store’ feature to sell your sheet music

Sheet music can be written in a variety of programs or by hand. Once you’ve finalized the notes on the page, export your sheet music to a PDF file so you can easily share it with your fans. You can choose to sell your sheet music online, or offer it as a free download.

Here is how you can use the ‘Store’ feature to sell your sheet music:

  1. From the ‘Edit Content’ tab, click ‘Pages’ and open the page on which you’ll be working
  2. Click ‘Add feature’
  3. Select the ‘Store’ feature and use the placement arrows to set the feature’s location
  4. Click ‘Add Product’
  5. Next to ‘Type’, select ‘File download’ from the dropdown
  6. Enter the product information
    • Product name: Name your sheet music file
    • Purchase type:
      • Free: Select if you’d like your fan to download the sheet music at no cost.
      • Paid - fixed price: Set a purchase price for the sheet music file.
        • Optional: Select ‘Is on sale’ to set a ‘Sale’ price or ‘Percent’ discount.
      • Paid - fans set price: Allow your fans to set the price they want to pay for the sheet music. A minimum amount can be set here.
    • Description: Enter a thorough description of what the customer would receive when purchasing your sheet music.
    • Images: Upload images from your computer that show what your customer would receive. You can add a watermarked image of your sheet music, for example..
    • Status:
      • Available: Item will display for purchase on your website.
      • Not available: Item will display on your website but will include a ‘Not available’ note.
      • Hidden: Allows you to add the item on your Bandzoogle account but won’t display on your website until you are ready to set it to ‘available’.
    • Files: Upload a PDF version of your sheet music from your computer or from Dropbox. From the dropdown, you can also select files that you’ve already uploaded through other Bandzoogle features.
      • Once uploaded, add a name or description to the sheet music so it’s easily recognized on the customer’s computer once downloaded.
      • To add more than one file, click ‘Add another file’. There’s no limit to the number of files that can be uploaded here.
    • Taxjar category: If applicable, select the tax category for your item.
  7. Click ‘Save’