Bandzoogle is an all-in-one website host. As a web host, we allow you to create and store content on your website. Our plans include everything you need to build a complete website, with mobile-ready templates and custom design tools.

This Help article includes:

  • What is website hosting?
  • Website hosting and domain names
  • Website hosting for musicians
  • Managing multiple websites

What is website hosting?

Website hosts store and display your website content, including text, images, and audio files. When you build a website with Bandzoogle, we offer three membership plans for your storage needs. Our storage limits are based on the number of items, as opposed to data limits. The hosting limits include

  • Number of pages per plan
  • Number of tracks per plan
  • Number of images per plan
  • Number of mailing list members per plan

Our Pro plan features unlimited storage. You can learn more about what’s included in your plan here:

There are limits for certain file types, including:

  • 20MB limit for image files
  • 250MB per track file
  • 1.6GB for total album size (includes all tracks in album + bonus files)
  • 2GB limit for album bonus files
  • 2GB limit on file uploads to your ‘File list’ feature or for ‘File download’ store items
  • 250 post limit on imported RSS feeds

While there are limits to the file sizes of your data, Bandzoogle hosting includes unlimited bandwidth so you can upload, stream, and sell your audio files without hitting any data transfer limits.

Our dedicated team makes sure your band website is fast-loading, stable, and ready when your fans arrive. You can have unlimited visitors to your website at any time of the day or night. Bandzoogle hosts your website on a world-class cloud infrastructure with a reliable 99.9% uptime.

Website hosting and domain names

You can register a domain name directly with Bandzoogle or connect an existing domain once you sign up for any paid plan. Each website plan has one free domain name registration included.

We provide free SSL certificates for all registered and connected domains. SSL certificates encrypt your website per global standards, so your site can be browsed securely.

If you are coming to Bandzoogle from a different website host and want to use your domain with your Bandzoogle website, you can connect a domain that is registered externally. From there, you can easily point your domain to our servers to load your site here.

To learn more about domain names, please see: 'Domain names'

Website hosting for musicians

Bandzoogle is a website host made for musicians. You can upload common music file formats, like MP3 and WAV, as well as FLAC lossless files. When purchased or downloaded, your fans will receive the format you’ve uploaded with no compression or distortion of the sound quality.

In addition to downloads, fans can stream your music directly from your website. We offer a few different playback quality options, including uncompressed playback.

To learn more, please view: ‘Music Files and Playback Rates’

If you upload MP3 files, your tracks will be delivered to your fans with ID3 tags - ID3 tags include information including the track title, release date, artist name, track order, and album art.

To learn more, please see: ‘Music track ID3 information’

Managing multiple websites

With Bandzoogle, you can manage multiple websites with one login. Whether you’re a record label or a musician with various projects, Bandzoogle can host all of your websites in one place - and you can upgrade each website to any of our plans to meet that project’s needs.

To learn more about managing multiple websites, please view: ‘Adding Websites to Your Account.’