We’re so pleased to welcome you to Bandzoogle. We hope you enjoy using our mobile-ready themes and musician-friendly features!

As an all-in-one website platform that has been providing website services to musicians since 2003, we’re excited to provide you with the same great service you've come to expect from HostBaby.

We've got some answers to your specific questions below. Feel free to also contact our support team with questions - we'd be happy to help.

How do I keep things running smoothly?

In order to be sure your website stays online and active, here are the steps to take:

  • Click the link in your HostBaby notification email to set a password on your new account
  • Preview your website on Bandzoogle to make sure you’re happy with how it looks, and make edits as needed (our support team is here to help with this!)
  • Switch your domain name to point to your Bandzoogle site in your Account area here: Account Details
  • Sign up to a paid plan on Bandzoogle before your expiry date. You won't be billed until your expiry date.

How do I log into my new account?

Head over to: https://bandzoogle.com/login

Email: Enter your email address

Password: Enter your account password.

Not sure what your password is? Click the "I forgot my password link" and it will be sent to your email address.

Where are my email addresses?

If you had email with HostBaby, you will see your inboxes once you click the "Switch me to Bandzoogle" button.

You can check mail through the envelope icon in your account or by going directly to http://mail.b.hostedemail.com

If I have my email set up in Outlook, Mac Mail, or on my phone, what will happen?

If you use an external mail client like Outlook, Mac mail or your phone app you will want to update your mail server settings to:


Your mail won't be interrupted and can always be accessed at the Webmail log-in link here:

Webmail log-in

How do I choose a theme?

After clicking the link in your notification email, we will build out your website including your theme. We’ve re-created the theme you were using at Hostbaby (giving it a clean look, and making sure it is mobile-ready).

If you’re thinking about making a change, you’ll be able to browse our available themes as well. You can preview how they look on desktop and mobile devices, and pick the one you like best. You can change your theme at any time.

How do I edit my theme?

If you had customized your theme’s colours, you can re-create that same color palette once you have completed the sitebuilder. Click Edit Theme to find those colors. You can update the colors for your sections, including fonts and titles.

How do I add or edit content?

Once you have logged in to your new account, you will be able to access your previous website’s content. You can add more content by clicking the Edit Content tab. Create a musician bio, add an EPK, and upload your music to sell or stream. Changing your template at any time will not affect the content you’ve added.

Some of my content is missing. Where did it go?

We have added as much of your content as possible. If your website included custom HTML code in a feature, it may need adjusting. Our Store feature is a bit different than the HostBaby store. If you need help integrating a payment processor, or adding products, let us know.

If you are missing anything, please contact support by email or Live Chat, and let us know. We’d be happy to take a look and get it sorted out.

Where did my video header go?

All Bandzoogle themes support video headers. The video header on your Hostbaby theme was a YouTube video, which is not something we can import.

Here is a guide on how to upload your video header to your new Bandzoogle website:

Adding a Video Header

What happens to time left on my HostBaby plan that I already paid for?

If you have paid time remaining on your HostBaby account, that will be applied to your new Bandzoogle website.

How much does Bandzoogle cost?

We’re pleased to offer you an all-in-one Bandzoogle website plan that’s available exclusively to former HostBaby users. You’ll get the same service and comparable features you had at HostBaby, for the same price you were paying before. This is the Pro plan.

And as a thank you for choosing to migrate your website to Bandzoogle from HostBaby, you’ll also get 15% off your first year here. The discount will be applied automatically when you subscribe to a paid plan.

If you opt for the Standard or Lite plan, email is an add-on at $5/ month.

Do I get to keep my CD Baby distribution credits?

Yes. You will keep the CD Baby distribution credits you had in place if you create a website with Bandzoogle. Contact us in support directly if you have any questions.

When will my account at HostBaby be turned off?

HostBaby will turn off website accounts in February 2020. You will want to rebuild your website before that time to ensure your website stays online.

Why choose Bandzoogle?

Good question! We’ve been providing website services for musicians since 2003 and are confident that you will be able to maintain a modern, mobile-ready website for your music here.

We offer dozens of templates that you can customize to make your own, commission-free music and merch sales, an EPK page option, a built-in mailing list tool, and more.

Plus, our customer support team is often mentioned as one of our best features. They are available 7 days a week to guide you along.

How do I use my existing domain with my new Bandzoogle website?

We will import your domain name over for you. When you are ready for it to load your new website, head to your Account details page and click the ‘switch me to Bandzoogle’ button.

This will point your domain name over to your Bandzoogle website. After 24 hours, we will also generate an SSL certificate for your domain name.

If you have an existing domain name that was not registered with HostBaby, you may need to contact your domain name registration company to update your settings.

To do this, contact the company your domain is registered with (you can find out who that is here: WHOIS Domain Lookup

Ask them to update the Nameserver settings to:

  • dns1.sitezoogle.com
  • dns2.sitezoogle.com

Once you make this change, your domain will work with your site within 24 hours.

What happens to my website after January 31?

If you haven’t activated your website with Bandzoogle, your website will go offline. Not to worry, though! We will still migrate your site content, and save it on our servers so it's ready to be put back online should you decide to complete your website here in the future.

What happens to my domain after January 31?

If your domain name was registered with HostBaby, we will take over the registration for you. We’ll send you a reminder to renew your domain name before it is due to expire, and you’ll be able to renew it for $14.95/ year.

If your domain name is registered with an external company, you will continue to pay them to renew it for you. You can transfer the domain here if you’d rather renew it with us directly (it’s nice to have everything in one place!)

I had domain email with HostBaby. What happens to that?

We will port over your email inboxes, and you can access them in the Email tab. Your previously created inboxes are included with the Pro plan. If you choose the Standard plan or the Lite plan, you can add on an email plan for $5 a month to maintain your inboxes.

If you have email set up with an external device, such as your phone’s mail app, or your computer’s mail program, you can update your server setting to mail.b.hostedemail.com

Your mail will always be accessible on the mail server, and you can always check your webmail at: mail.b.hostedemail.com

If you need help setting up your email in a mail client, walk through the steps here: Email Configuration Guides

Do I need to manually cancel my subscription with HostBaby?

Once you click the "Switch me to Bandzoogle" button in your account, your billing at HostBaby will be cancelled automatically. Any time left that you have already paid to HostBaby will be transferred to Bandzoogle.

To keep your website online, you can add a card to your account, and that will be billed on your expiry date.

How do I set up my billing with Bandzoogle?

To set up your payment, head over to the Account details page which is located here: Account details. Your account is paid through to January 31, 2020 or further, if you carried over time from your HostBaby account.

You’ll be able to start a new payment subscription plan, which will bill you on your expiry date.

What if I had more than one website with HostBaby?

If you were a multi-account user with HostBaby, we will migrate all of your websites into one account under the same email login here at Bandzoogle. You'll get an email for each website.

Once you have set a password, your websites will import under one account once you click the email link.

Then, you can toggle back and forth between accounts:

  • From the ‘Edit Content’ tab, click the arrow next to your username in the top right corner
  • In the dropdown menu, click the name of the website you’d like to access.

Note: For each website, you would still need to complete the setup of your content, check your theme, and point your domain name to your Bandzoogle website. Contact us if you need help.

What do I do next?

If you need more help creating a website here at Bandzoogle, we’ve got lots of resources to help you on your way:

Getting started with Bandzoogle

Creating a band website: a complete checklist

How to make a website for your music