Welcome to Bandzoogle! We are now managing your domain name, and we’d be happy to help answer any questions you may have. We also offer website building services if you need a new website.

You may have questions about this change in domain name registration. You’ll see some answers below, and you can also contact us in support anytime.

How do I log in?

Click the link in your HostBaby notification email to set a password for your new account. Once you have set a password, you can also head over to https://bandzoogle.com/login and log in with your email address and password.

How much does it cost to keep my domain registered with Bandzoogle?

You can renew your domain name for $14.95/ year. We will send you a notice when your domain name is 30 days away from expiry.

I’ve already paid for my domain name. What happens to that time?

Any time you have paid for with HostBaby will be moved over. Your domain name’s expiration date will stay the same, and you’ll renew it when it comes up for expiry.

How much does it cost to keep my email accounts through Bandzoogle?

If you had email with HostBaby, you can subscribe to our email plan. For $5/month, you can manage your inboxes here.

Why did I get an email saying the technical email on my domain name changed?

This email notification was sent when we took over the management of your domain name. No action is required.

Can I move my website to Bandzoogle?

Absolutely! Just click 'Start my trial' button on your Bandzoogle account page. Then, you can build a new site while your old site stays up. When you’re ready, we can help you point your domain to the new Bandzoogle website.

Because your account was migrated from HostBaby, you’ll get 15% off the first year if you decide to upgrade to a paid website plan, plus 5 free CD Baby Standard submissions.

If you need help choosing a design, adding content, or with anything else, our support team is here to help you create your website the way you want it.

How do I use my existing domain with my new Bandzoogle website?

Once you are ready to make the switch, we can help you point your domain name to the new website you’ve built here. This is easy to do, and takes about 24 hours for your domain name to switch over. During this time your website will stay online.

How do I point my domain name to another website?

You can point your domain name to any website you’d like. Check out this help article for the steps on setting your domain name’s DNS settings (including the Nameservers and A record): Pointing your domain name to an external website (will update link)

What happens to my domain after January 31?

You will want to create an account here by clicking the magiclink sent to you by HostBaby. After that, we will send you an expiry notice when your domain name is nearing renewal to be sure you renew it, and it stays active.

What happens to my email accounts after January 31?

If you have email with HostBaby, you can subscribe to our email plan as well, and log in to your inboxes.

Can I transfer my domain away?

Yes. If you would like to transfer it to another company, click the cancel link in the bottom of your Account tab and fill out the information requested. You will be sent a transfer code to give to your new domain name company to start the transfer. Domain transfers usually take about 7 days to complete.

Can I transfer my emails away?

Yes. To do this, you will need to back up any emails you’d like to keep. Then re-create your inboxes with your new email company. From there, we can help you direct your domain name’s email records to your new company.