With our Store feature you can sell all sorts of merch. After you’ve made a sale you’ll need to ship it to your customer. The Bandzoogle store has several shipping options to make it as easy as possible to get your merch to your fans.

This Help article includes:

  • Adding a store item
  • Selecting shipping options
  • How to print a packing slip and mark an item as shipped
  • Easypost shipping
  • Shipping Insurance
  • Weight chart for commonly shipped items
  • Printful Products
  • How to edit your shipping details from your 'Selling Tools' control panel

Adding a store item

  1. From the ‘Edit Content’ tab, click ‘Pages’ and open the page on which you’ll be working
  2. Click ‘Add feature’
  3. Select the ‘Store’ feature and use the placement arrows to set the feature’s location
  4. Click ‘Add Product’
  5. Next to ‘Type’, select the ‘Product/Service’ from the dropdown
  6. Enter the product information
  7. Next to ‘Shipping’, toggle on 'Require Shipping'
    • Select your shipping cost from the dropdown (see details in the next section for 'Shipping Cost')
    • If you select 'EasyPost’, enter the weight of your item in the ‘Weight’ field and any additional fees in the ‘Handling surcharge’ field
  8. Click ‘Save’

Shipping cost

  • Don’t charge shipping: Item is sold with no shipping costs applied.
  • Custom shipping price: You set the amounts you’d like to charge and Bandzoogle applies those to the total in your shopping cart.
    • Shipping price for first item: Enter the amount you’d like to charge for shipping the item for sale.
    • Shipping price for additional items: Enter the amount you’d like to charge if your customer adds more than one of the same item to the cart.

      Note: This only applies to multiples of the same item. Example: Two of the same t-shirt. This will not apply to different items such as one hat and one t-shirt.

    • International shipping surcharge: An amount added to the ‘Shipping price for first item’ for customers outside of the country from which you’re selling. This surcharge is applied per item. Example: First item is $5, and the International surcharge is $3. The total shipping cost would be $8. Two of the same item are added to the cart, so the total would be $11.

  • Use EasyPost shipping settings: EasyPost is an external shipping management service that will let you set prices based on location and weight and print labels directly through your Bandzoogle account. In order to use EasyPost you must be using a Stripe account in your payment settings.
    • Tariff code: Enter the tariff harmonization code. You can search for them on hts.usitc.gov. You only need this if you are using Easypost to make international shipments.
  • Weight & Handling:
    • Item weight: Add item weight in ounces if using EasyPost
    • Handling surcharge: Add an additional fee to cover shipping costs, like materials

Printing a packing slip and marking an order as shipped

Note: During the checkout process, your fans will be prompted to enter their shipping address and telephone number. These are required for most shipping services and will be included in your transaction details.

  1. From the ‘Edit Content’ tab, click the ‘Store’ feature
  2. Select the ‘Transaction History’ tab from the options on the left
  3. Click the purchase order number
  4. Click ‘Print receipt’

    Note: You can include this in your item packaging as the packing slip

  5. After you’ve mailed the order, click the ‘Mark as shipped’ button

    Note (Pro plan members): For physical sales to be reported to Soundscan, a CD or Vinyl must be marked as shipped in your account.

EasyPost shipping

EasyPost is a third-party integration that handles all of your shipping needs.

Their service provides the following:

  • Integration with USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and more shipping at checkout
  • Label purchasing from USPS, UPS FedEx and more (saves on time figuring out your shipping costs and cuts down on the wait at the store!)
  • Package tracking and insurance

Using EasyPost with your Bandzoogle Store


  1. Create an account at EasyPost.com
  2. Verify your email address (EasyPost will send a confirmation email)
  3. Under your EasyPost account name (upper left side), click the dropdown
  4. Click ‘API Keys’
  5. Copy the ‘Production API Key’

    Note: Use the ‘Test API key’ for testing out shipping features before your store goes live.


  1. From the ‘Edit Content’ tab in your Bandzoogle account, click the ‘Store’ feature
  2. Select the ‘Shipping’ tab from the left-hand pane
  3. Click ‘Connect EasyPost’
  4. Paste your Production API key into the Shipping API key field
  5. Enter the shipping settings (the location from which you’ll be shipping items)
  6. Click ‘Save settings’


  1. In your Bandzoogle Store feature, enter the weight in the ‘Weight’ field on the item details page
  2. Click ‘Save’

Note: An API is a chunk of code from one website that allows you to integrate their service on external websites. EasyPost's API allows us to use data from your account there to generate shipping details without having to leave your website, making the checkout process easier for your customers.

EasyPost Resources

Shipping Insurance

When using EasyPost to manage your shipping settings, you'll see the option to add insurance to your package. This shipping insurance is optional.

Insurance will cover the cost of a lost or damaged package.

If your package is lost or damaged, EasyPost will file the claim for you. Learn more by viewing the EasyPost help article about Shipping Insurance.

Weight chart for commonly shipped items

For EasyPost to calculate postage properly they will need the weight of your store items. Below is a list of commonly-shipped items with a guide for the typical weight of these items.

  • CD or DVD: 2oz for standard packaging
  • Vinyl: 14 oz to 18 oz depending on record weight and packaging
  • T-Shirt: Weight range depending on fabric and size
    • Light (4 oz)
    • Standard (6 oz)
    • Heavy (7 to 8 oz)
  • Hoodie: 27 to 48 oz depending on fabric and size
  • Posters: 5 oz for a standard 24x36 inch poster
  • Cassette: 2 oz for a standard cassette and case

These weight guidelines are provided only as a reference. For accuracy, please confirm using the following resources:

United States Postal Service Postage Calculator
Approximate Weight of Goods Table

If you use the metric system, you can use this website to convert to ounces.

Printful products

If you’ve synced your Printful products to your Bandzoogle store, Printful will fulfill the item’s shipment. You can login to your Printful account and check out our Printful help article to learn more.

How to edit your shipping details from your 'Selling Tools' control panel

You can access your store features and update your shipping settings through your 'Selling Tools' control panel. To learn more, read our 'Bandzoogle Selling Tools' Help article.

If you're thinking about getting started selling merch online, check out The ultimate guide to selling band merch online.