Audio tracks are sold through the Music feature, and physical merch through the Store feature. If you are a Pro plan member you can also sell other downloadable files from the Store feature, such as eBooks, PDF files, images, or videos.

This Help article includes:

  • How to add files to the Store feature
  • What you can sell
  • How to receive payment from file sales

Selling downloadable files and videos

When your customer purchases a digital item, all file components for that product are zipped into a single folder and sent to them by email as a download link. Only use this option for non-music files. For music files, please use the ‘Music feature’ instead.

  1. From the ‘Edit Content’ tab, click ‘Pages’ and open the page on which you’ll be working
  2. Click ‘Add feature’
  3. Select the ‘Store’ feature and use the placement arrows to set the feature’s location
  4. Click ‘Add Product’
  5. Next to ‘Type’, select ‘File download’ from the dropdown
  6. Enter the product information
    • Product name: Sheet music, video, eBook, etc.
    • Purchase type:
      • Free: Select if you’d like your fan to download the file at no cost.
      • Paid - fixed price: You set a purchase price for the file.
        • Optional: Select ‘Is on sale’ to set a ‘Sale’ price or ‘Percent’ discount.
      • Paid - fans set price: Allow your fans to set the price they want to pay for the album. A minimum amount can be set here.
    • Description: Enter a thorough description of what the customer would receive when purchasing this item.
    • Images: Upload images from your computer or from Provide an example of the file download that the customer would receive.
    • Status:
      • Available: Item will display for purchase on your website.
      • Not available: Item will display on your website but will include a ‘Not available’ note.
      • Hidden: Allows you to add the item on your Bandzoogle account but won’t display on your website until you are ready to set it to ‘available’.
    • Files: Upload files from your computer or from From the dropdown you can also select files that you’ve already uploaded through other Bandzoogle features.
      • Once uploaded, add a name or description to the file so it’s easily recognized on the customer’s computer once downloaded.
      • To add more than one file, click ‘Add another file’. There’s no limit to the number of files that can be uploaded here.
    • Taxjar category: Select the tax category for your item.
  7. Click ‘Save’

You can view orders and re-send download links to your customers by going to the ‘Store’ feature and selecting the ‘Transaction History’ tab in settings pane on the left.

What you can sell

When you select the File Download option with the Store feature you can sell (almost) anything you’d like. Here’s a short list of what many Bandzoogle members use the File Download option to sell:

  • Video lessons
  • e-books
  • Sheet music
  • Guitar tabs
  • Lyric books
  • Exclusive photos
  • Posters
  • Plus much more!

Note: Digital music downloads should always be sold through the ‘Music’ feature.

Warning: It is against the Bandzoogle terms of service to sell anything that promotes pornographic material, violence, hatred, or discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age. It is also prohibited to sell animals. It is also against the Bandzoogle terms of service to sell anything that infringes on any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other intellectual property or other rights of any other person.

Getting Paid

Anytime you sell a downloadable file or video you’ll get paid. This payment will either go to Stripe or Paypal depending on what you have set up and what method of payment your customer chooses. Bandzoogle does not take any money from your sales.

To learn more about where to collect your sales money, please view the ‘Getting Paid through Paypal and Stripe’ help article.