Using a mailing list is an excellent way to engage and stay in touch with fans. With Bandzoogle you won’t have to spend more money on an external mailing list company. Our mailing list feature is available at no extra cost on all plans.

This Help article includes:

  • Mailing limits
  • Mailing list members
  • Sending campaigns and newsletters
  • Providing free track downloads through newsletters
  • Linking to newsletters

Mailing limits

The numbers of mailing list members you can add and newsletters you can send from your account are determined by your plan type.

Plan type

  • Lite plan: 100 mailing list members (500 emails per day)
  • Standard plan: 1000 mailing list members (1000 emails per day)
  • Pro plan: Unlimited mailing list members (10,000 emails per day)


  • Each email address counts toward your limit (Lite and Standard plans). When you’ve reached your limit you will not be able to add more members unless you upgrade to another plan.
  • Pro plan members have a sending limit of 10,000 emails per day. Your newsletter will be sent all at once, but we limit the frequency of mailouts based on the sending limit. For instance, if you send a mailout to 22,000 contacts, you would not be able to send more mail for 2.2 days.

Mailing list members

Your Bandzoogle plan provides several ways to turn fans into website members. Having a database of fans allows you to stay in touch with those who want to be part of your music journey.

To add mailing list members to your list, please view the ‘Mailing List Members’ Help article. The article includes:

  • How to add mailing list members
    • Mailing list signup form
    • Manually adding members
    • Importing a mailing list
    • Pasting a mailing list
  • Building a mailing list
    • Tracking mailing list signups
  • Disabled member imports
  • Exporting a mailing list
  • How fans can become site members
  • Viewing and searching members
  • Blocking/Unblocking Fans
  • Email groups
    • Adding members to a group
    • Removing members from a group
    • Creating a new group
    • Managing groups

Sending campaigns and newsletters

One of Bandzoogle’s most valuable features is the mailing list tool. Keep fans in the loop by sending professional mail outs to your mailing list members. You can send show reminders, new music alerts, or other friendly updates.

To learn more about sending email to your group, please view the ‘Email Campaigns and Newsletters’ Help article. The article includes:

  • How to create a newsletter template
  • Newsletter template style options
  • How to send a newsletter
  • Email Stats
  • Reusing messages

Providing free track downloads through newsletters

A download code allows fans to download a track or album for free. The codes can be printed, or sent by email from your Mailing List tab.

To learn more about emailing free music to your mailing list members, please view the ‘Music Download Codes’ Help article. The article includes:

  • How to add a music feature to your site and create download codes
  • How to print download codes onto cards or stickers
  • How to send download codes by email

Linking to newsletters

Keeping fans updated on your music and gigs is important. The best way to do this is by consistently sending out newsletters. This is done through the Mailing List tab. If you’d also like to share newsletters on your website or to social media, you can do that through our Blog feature.

To learn more about linking to newsletters, please view the ‘Sharing Newsletters’ Help article. The article includes:

  • How to add a newsletter page
  • How to add newsletters to your newsletter page
  • How to share your newsletters to social media