Adding music to your website allows fans, presenters, and industry professionals to stream (and purchase) tracks and albums directly from your website. The Bandzoogle Music features allow you to control how much of each track you’d like visitors to hear online.

To add the Music or Site-wide Player feature to your website:

  1. From the ‘Edit Content’ tab, click ‘Pages’ and open the page on which you’ll be working
  2. Click ‘Add feature’
  3. Select the Music feature you’d like to add and use the placement arrows to set the feature’s location


  • The Site-wide Player will automatically be placed at the bottom of your website, on each page. The location cannot be moved as it is built into our system.
  • The ‘Album’ option has an extra step. View the ‘Adding Music’ help article for the steps.

From here you will add music to the player through the following steps:

Adding Music and Setting the Preview

  1. Click the ‘Add track’ button
  2. Enter your track and artist name
  3. Upload your audio file (mp3, wav, or flac format)
  4. Next to ‘Preview clip’, set the start and end time for how much of the song you want a visitor to hear on the website.

    Note: To allow visitors to stream the full song, select From 00:00 to the last time in the drop-down list.

    • Add a custom preview clip: Use this option to upload a different version of the song to stream on your site. This is useful when a song has a voice tag for example. The visitor will hear the voice tag on the website, but if they download the track they will get the original file you uploaded (without the voice tag).
  5. Next to ‘When shared, play’, select ‘Full track’ or ‘Preview clip only’
    • This setting is applied when the track is shared to Facebook, Twitter, or email.
  6. Select your track options
  7. Click ‘Save’

You can update the preview at any time:

  1. From the ‘Edit Content’ tab, click the ‘Music’ or ‘Site-wide Player’ feature
  2. Click the title of the track you want to adjust
  3. Modify the preview time settings
  4. Click ‘Save’

Preview Playback Options

  1. From the ‘Edit Content’ tab, click the ‘Music’ or ‘Site-wide Player’ feature
  2. Select ‘Options’ in the sidebar on the left

    Note: If using the Album feature, skip this step. ‘Options’ can be found by simply scrolling down on the initial Album feature settings screen.

  3. Choose your playback option:
    • Full tracks, high quality (128kbps)
    • Full tracks, uncompressed
    • Preview clips only (Preview times are set in the options for each track when they are added to a music feature)
    • No playback: In the Site-wide Player, this allows the player to display song titles but not stream tracks. In other Music features this allows your album to display the track list without the option to stream.
    • Sharing: Allows a visitor to share your album or tracks to social media, email, or using a direct URL. Preview time depends on what was selected in the track options (see above).

You also have the option to sell tracks through any music feature by adjusting track settings for download.