The Safari browser has phased out support for media autoplay on websites. The Chrome browser has also blocked more than half of unwanted media autoplays. Although we previously offered the music autoplay option, we never recommended it.

A visitor may be checking your site from work or another quiet location and when music starts automatically it can be startling. They also may be listening to music already, and when your music starts to automatically they have to try to figure out how to shut it off. These annoyances can cause visitors to click off your site quickly -- and they may not return.

Best practice: Allow visitors to control when to start the music on your website.

If you'd like to focus on the audio (song, welcome message, podcast episode, etc) it's best to add a Music feature to the top of your content area, with a short message above it for context. You can also add a Site-Wide Player to your site, which will display on all the pages. For themes that offer a call-to-action header, you can also link to one of your songs or link to your music page through that feature.