If you already have a blog set up with Wordpress or elsewhere (e.g. Tumblr, Blogger, etc.) you can easily import it into the blog feature on your website. There’s no limit to the quantity of external blog feeds on a site. These will sync automatically to include any past or future blog posts you add to those external platforms.

How to import your Wordpress blog posts to your website:

If you’ve already added a blog feature skip to step 6.

  1. From the ‘Edit Content’ tab, click ‘Pages’ and open the page on which you’ll be adding your Wordpress blog posts
  2. Click ‘Add feature’
  3. Select the ‘Blog’ feature
  4. Use the placement arrows on that page to set the blog’s location
  5. Enter a title for your blog
  6. Click ’Import posts’ in the pane on the left
  7. Click ‘Add blog feed’ button
  8. Enter the URL (website address) for your external blog
  9. Click ‘Test’
  10. Click ‘Save and import’

All previous posts should be listed on your blog feature. If any are missing, click the ‘Import Posts’ tab, then click the ‘Update now’ link.

To remove an external feed click the ‘X’ next to the feed details.

Note: From Wordpress, select the RSS feed for your blog, and paste that into the blog feed URL field (e.g. http://username.wordpress.com/feed).

General Blog feature note: There can only be one blog feature per page on your Bandzoogle website.