The information attached to a track download is called the ID3 Tag and simply means "IDentify an mp3". ID3 tags in MP3s contain all of your track information, like release date, album title, track name, and more. This also includes album artwork, so that when someone downloads the file to their computer and adds it to a media player, the artwork will display with the track.

You can update your ID3 tags in various ways, but the method we’ll cover here is through iTunes. For other options it’s best to do a Google search for ‘Adding ID3 tags’ or ‘Updating ID3 tags’.

How to add or update ID3 tags through iTunes:

  1. In Browse view, select the album in your iTunes library
  2. Choose ‘File’ from the menu bar, then click ‘Get Info’
  3. Fill out all the information you want to automatically include when the track is downloaded.
  4. Click the checkbox to enable the artwork field
  5. Drag your album artwork to the Artwork panel
  6. Click "OK" to save the changes, and
    • Click "Yes" if iTunes asks if you want to change the artwork.

Once you've added the information to the ID3 tag, you can replace an existing track in any Music feature in your Bandzoogle account:

  1. From the ‘Edit Content’ tab, click on the existing ‘Music’ feature
  2. Click the track name
  3. Click ‘X’ next to ‘Audio file’. This will remove the previously-uploaded MP3 file from the track and prompt you to upload another file.
  4. Upload your newly-updated file
  5. Next to the ID3 Tags option, select ‘Leave tags as they are’
  6. Click ‘Save’

Note: If you set the ID3 Tag setting in a track to 'automatically generate', we'll add the tags to your track files based on the information set in the track and album settings. (Note that in this case, artwork only applies to tracks in an album, and not individual tracks in players or track lists.) If set up as an album, your ID3 tags will include the album art, title, release date, as well as track names, artist name, and track order.