A podcast is a great way to share your knowledge of music or any other topic! Within the Bandzoogle system, a podcast track is simply an audio file attached to a blog post. This allows you to display the file on your website and have visitors subscribe from there.

How to add a podcast file to your website:

If you haven’t already added a Blog feature to your website, please do that first.

  1. From the ‘Edit Content’ tab, open the page where your Blog feature is posted
  2. Click the Blog feature to open the feature settings
  3. Click the ‘New Post’ button, and set your blog post options
  4. In the ‘Podcast’ section, upload a new track or select a track from your library
  5. Click ‘Publish’

Podcasting settings

In the blog feature settings at the left of the screen, you’ll see a ‘Podcast settings’ tab. This is where the details of your podcast feed can be adjusted.

  • Podcast URL: This is your blog’s RSS feed. It can be used for feed readers - to submit your Podcast to other hosting platforms, or import your blog elsewhere.
  • Short description: This appears next to your podcast in the iTunes list view.
  • Long description: This appears when viewing your podcast details in iTunes.
  • Podcast art: The image uploaded here will display in iTunes next to your podcast subscription (upload from your computer or from Dropbox.com).
  • Author: This name will appear in the podcast details in iTunes.
  • Email address: This email address will appear in the podcast details in iTunes.
  • Language: You can set the blog buttons and system-generated content to English, French, Spanish, or German.
  • Category: Choose the topic you most regularly talk about on the podcast.
  • Explicit material: This will alert iTunes to add an ‘explicit’ tag to your podcast details
  • Copyright info: Include your copyright information (generally podcast name and date of copyright).


  • There can only be one blog feature per page.
  • Although Bandzoogle is a great place to display your podcast episodes, it is not a replacement for podcast hosting. A podcast host is a media company that specializes in hosting your podcasts.