If you’re an active Facebook user, it’s a good idea to display a Facebook feed on your website. That way every time you add a post to your Facebook page it will be visible on your website as well.

How to add a Facebook feed to your website:

  1. Go to the Facebook Plugin page
  2. Enter your ‘Facebook Page URL’
    • Example: https://www.facebook.com/bandzoogle
  3. Keep ‘Adapt to plugin container width’ checked
  4. Click the blue ‘Get Code’ button
  5. Copy the HTML code from both sections (1 and 2)
  6. Login to your Bandzoogle account
  7. From the ‘Edit Content’ tab, click ‘Add feature’
  8. Select the ‘HTML’ feature
  9. Use the placement arrows to set the feature’s location
  10. Paste in the code from Facebook (paste the second code under the first code)
  11. Click ‘Save’


  • If you’d like to change the size of the feed box, enter the desired dimensions on the Facebook Plugin page. The maximum width displayed on your Bandzoogle page is 500 pixels. It’s best to display the Facebook widget in a 50/50 split or sidebar column.
  • We cannot modify or provide support for external HTML code. If you have questions or concerns about the embedded feature, or require support for the widget, you’ll need to contact the company that supplied the code.