If you're already using Bandcamp for streaming or selling your music, you can add that music here using our Bandcamp feature without needing to set it up again from scratch. This feature is perfect for Bandcamp artists looking to set up music quickly on a website. Your songs will display in our stylized players, matching your website's existing design, fonts and colors.

How to add a Bandcamp player to your website:

  1. From the ‘Edit Content’ tab, click the ‘Add feature’ button on the left
  2. Select the ‘Bandcamp Player’ feature under the "External" category.
  3. Use the placement arrows on that page to set the feature’s location

    • The grey placement arrows will add the Bandcamp Feature to an existing section of content.
    • The blue placement arrows will create a new content section for the feature.

    To learn more about organizing your page's content, check out our 'Content and Organization' articles here.

  4. In the ‘Bandcamp Player URL’ field, add your Bandcamp link. Here’s how the formatting should look:

    • http://yourmusic.bandcamp.com/album/albumname
    • http://yourmusic.bandcamp.com/track/trackname
  5. Click ‘Save’

Fans can preview your albums and tracks directly on your website. When clicking ‘Buy,’ they will be directed to your Bandcamp account to complete the purchase. To add multiple tracks or albums, repeat this process from Step 1.

If you need to update your track information, such as pricing, head to your Bandcamp artist account and login directly there. Once you have update your Bandcamp information, the updated details will reflect on your website shortly.

Note: Your Bandcamp Player URL can be found on your Bandcamp.com page. Under your album or track, click ‘Share/Embed’ and copy the link displayed there.

Once your music has been added via the Bandcamp feature, you can direct fans to your music website to encourage them to buy more music on Bandcamp Friday, or to stream your tracks at any time.

For a video walkthrough on how to add your Bandcamp music to your website, see: How to Sell Bandcamp Music on your Bandzoogle Website