There are several ways to incorporate images into your website. With a photo gallery you can set up groups of images. This is useful for displaying different events, projects, or fan photos.

This help article is specific to the Photo Gallery feature. For information on other image features, please view the ‘Adding Images’ help article.

Note: Images must be in JPG, PNG, or GIF format.

This help article includes the following:

  • The quantity of images permitted in your account
  • How to add images to the Photo Gallery feature
  • How to delete images from the Photo Gallery feature

Quantity of images

The number of images permitted for your website is determined by your plan type.

Plan type

  • Lite plan: 100 image uploads
  • Standard plan: 500 image uploads
  • Pro plan: Unlimited image uploads

Note: Each image file counts toward your limit (Lite and Standard plans), regardless of size or type. Image limit includes all images uploaded across all features that allow images to be uploaded (not per feature). When you’ve reached your limit, a message about upgrading will be posted to your account. At that point, you can upgrade to a higher plan or delete image files to free up space.

How to add images to your website using the Photo Gallery feature:

  1. From the ‘Edit Content’ tab, click ‘Pages’ and open the page on which you’ll be working
  2. Click ‘Add feature’
  3. Select the ‘Photo Gallery’ feature
  4. Use the placement arrows to set the feature’s location
  5. Click ‘Add’ or ‘Use Existing gallery’:
    • ‘Add’:
      • Enter the title of your gallery
      • ‘Upload Image’ or ‘select from Dropbox’
      • Select the photos from your computer, click ‘Open’
      • After the images are loaded, click ‘Gallery settings’ from the options pane on the left
        • Title: The name of your photo gallery.
        • Show title over gallery: Choose to display or hide the photo gallery title on your website.
        • Show share links: When selected, you or a visitor can share the photo gallery to Facebook, Twitter, or email through links displayed on the live page.
          • Gallery type:
            • Tiled: Displays a waterfall-style grid, like Pinterest. This view is responsive, and collapses columns based on screen size.
            • Grid: (Choose the following options)
              • Cropped squares without captions: Will crop to a square which may cut off some of your image.
              • Variable ratio with captions: Will leave portrait and landscape image shapes as they are.
              • Thumbnail size: Assign small or large image thumbnails.
            • Slideshow: Displays the assigned number of recent posts in a scrolling horizontal grid with thumbnail images.
              • Zoom image to fill frame: Removes the blank bars from the sides of your slideshow area.
              • Auto-advance slides every: Set the length of time for which each image is displayed.
              • Slideshow Transition Time: Set how quickly an image transitions to the next one.
              • Transition type: Set the style of the image transitions.
      • Click ‘Save’
    • ‘Use Existing gallery’:
      • Click ‘Use this gallery’
      • Click ‘Back’ and you’ll see the images(s) in that selected photo gallery

Note: Repeat these steps for each Photo Gallery you’d like to add to your website. You can upload up to multiple images by selecting a group of images in your computer then clicking OK.