We work with many music-related partners. These partners generally offer a Bandzoogle discount as one of their membership benefits. If you have an active membership with any of our partner organizations, you can use the promo code they provide to receive a promotional offer with us.

Types of promo codes

  • Extended free trial + discount on paid plan
  • Standard 30 day free trial + discount on paid plan
  • Discount on paid plan for the first year
  • Discount on paid plan for the length of your membership

Each partner has different terms for membership benefits, specified on their website. We can only honor what the partner has listed on their member benefits page.

Note: We do not accept promo codes found on coupon code websites.

How to add a promo code after you have started a free trial account:

  1. Go to the ‘Help’ tab in your Control Panel
  2. Email our support team with the following information:
    • Promo code
    • Confirmation of the partner you are with, along with your membership number (Ex. “I am a paid member of ASCAP, my membership number is XYZ”)

Our support team will happily add the code to your Bandzoogle account, and apply time to your free trial period as per the specific partnership offer.

Note: Any free time remaining on a promo trial (ex. 3 free months) is forfeited when you upgrade to a paid plan. Extended time cannot be applied to a paid plan.