Where's the Cash for Musicians Today and Beyond

During the recent SF MusicTech Summit, our Director of Artist Relations Dave Cool spoke on the panel “Where's the Cash for Musicians Today and Beyond” along with Zack Greenburg (Forbes), Kristin Thomson (Future of Music Coalition), Wade Metzler (SoundExchange), J Sider (BandPage) and Amy Dietz (INgrooves).

It was a lively discussion about revenue streams, with a lot of great tips for how musicians should approach making money. Everything from live shows, merch, music sales, streaming and royalties, to alternative methods of generating income were covered.

During the panel, Dave told a story about how Bandzoogle members Jubilee Riots sold hundreds of digital copies of their documentary film overnight, as file downloads, using our mailing list feature and store feature.

He also at one point told an audience of mostly musicians that they should “go get a job”. Yes, that actually happened. And no, he didn’t win any popularity contests, but it went over surprisingly well!

SF MusicTech has released the audio for the panel, so you can listen to the full 1-hour discussion here:


Posted by UnbelievableBeats.com on Nov 26 2014 9:01 AM
There are many tangents in today's day and age. Revenue streams (mixing music with the internet) include Google Adsense on your websites as well as Google "hosted" adsense on youtube videos. If you know certain tips, tricks, and how to videos based on any type of music knowledge, youtube is HUGE for this. That is just one revenue stream out of many.
Dave Cool
Posted by Dave Cool on Nov 26 2014 11:28 AM
YouTube revenue definitely becoming more interesting thanks to services like http://www.audiam.com that can find all instances where your music is being used and ad revenue is being generated.